Despite the large number of new technologies, wood traditionally remains one of the key raw materials for the manufacture of lumber for construction and interior decoration. Developers are attracted by the environmentally friendly wood, it performance quality and simplicity of wooden structures.

Lumber production demands strict observance of all technological cycles of cutting and the proper preparation of the feedstock for high-quality manufacture of wooden assortment. The basis for the manufacture of all timber is cylindrical log that after a preliminary calibration process and the drying goes on sawmill a sawmill. Radial sawing is used for the manufacture of lumber, edged and unedged boards and other lumber business destination.

For protection and home protection of timber from weathering are such kinds of wood finishes like paneling and a block house. Block-house, its appearance resembles a round log, and in addition, protects the house wall from drying out and getting wet and can be mounted on all types of buildings, including brick or used for interior decoration.

The Board is also the primary building material and is used in all phases of construction as the main or auxiliary funds. Cutting Board dry planed is the manufacture of floors, walls and other critical structures. Nebraska Board usually has an auxiliary function and, as a rule, used to make the formwork for concrete works, scaffolding and other works.

Used in the construction of other types of lumber ,such as Croaker and lagging gorbalenya. These materials have only one working the sawn surface, allowing them to be used for construction of shed, construction of temporary fences around construction sites and other secondary objectives.