Skillful gardeners and florists use the 10 universal tips on caring for cut flowers:

1. Country flowers or bouquets from the bushes must be cut early in the morning (6-7 hours), as the buds for the night will be filled with moisture and will keep longer freshness.

2. Vase for flowers is better to choose transparent glass as it transmits the sun's light.

3. Before use sterilize in advance the vase over steam: pour into pasnicu water and let boil, put a vase on a mesh screen. After 5-7 minutes, move the vase by the neck face down on a clean towel.

4. The stems of honeysuckle, lilac and chrysanthemums will be better to absorb moisture, if you split them in half with scissors from the bottom. In a crevice of the insert match without head.

5. The leaves on the stems after a long stay in the water to rot, therefore, it is better to get rid of.

6. The water in the vase should be at room temperature and filtered (or settled).

7. Cluster bouquets of love when the water is coal. Add a bit of charcoal or crush 1-2 tablets of activated carbon. Also helps to keep flowers fresh a few drops of ammonia or 1-2 tsp of salt.

8. Roses and carnations like sugar water: add to feed sugar or dissolve 1-3 tablet of glucose.

9. Long freshness cut off the branches of shrubs will provide a solution of potassium permanganate, the water should be slightly pinkish.

10. The stems need to be cut daily. Move the flowers to a bowl of settled water and trimmed the ends of the stems in the water, trying to cut was obliquely. Before you rearranged the flowers back in the vase, pinch the tip of each trimmed stem with your finger to prevent formation of air plugs. While the flowers soak in the tub, change the water in the vase.