Advice 1: How to paint jeans at home

Jeans were invented by Levi Strauss as a durable work clothes for miners. Since these wonderful pants turned into comfortable clothes for every day, they are adorned with embroidery, studs, crystals and hand painted.
How to paint jeans at home
You will need
  • - jeans;
  • - sketch;
  • - transfer paper for fabric;
  • - a marker for fabric;
  • - contour;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - tassels;
  • - a sponge;
  • - iron.
Before to paint jeans at home, think figure. Then make a sketch on paper, attach to jeans and put on the fabric using a special carbon paper to transfer the image onto material. If the outlines are obtained is unclear, circle them with a special marker for fabric. Don't worry, eventually all lines will disappear.
Purchase acrylic paint and outline. Choose a special paint for tissue. You can buy them in art shops or online stores. You may also need thinner for acrylics, although many of them are well diluted and water. Prepare a brush and sponge.
Put the jeans on a smooth flat surface, floor or table, pre-covered with paper, so as not to get dirty in the process. Inside of the leg, insert a piece of cardboard. This is done so that the paint didn't stick where it's not necessary. If the fabric is wrinkled, iron it with an iron, so as a work surface for painting must be smooth.
Draw a line drawing of a special circuit, if according to your idea color should not be mixed. Allow paint to dry.
Then fill the surface with acrylic paints. Fine detail paint brushes and a large surface of the paint with a foam sponge tamponazhnykh movements, i.e., apply the sponge to the tissue and immediately release it.
Allow paint to dry. Each subsequent layer is applied after full drying previous. Brush fine brush fine details drawing. After the painting is completely finished, the jeans aside and allow paint to dry for approximately two days.
Secure image. Iron the fabric on the reverse side with an iron for a couple minutes.
Brush, rinse with water immediately. Otherwise, the paint will dry and you will not be able to clean them.

Drawing on jeans can be used with a stencil.
Useful advice
Acrylic paint can be mixed in any proportions to get the required shade.

Paint the picture, starting with the lighter shade, then go to painting with dark colors.

Advice 2 : How to make jeans shorts

Advice 3 : How to update old jeans

If the old jeans are tired, rather shabby and frayed, do not rush to throw them away. Using simple manipulations, the old thing can be turned into fashionable things – the envy of all her friends. Give a second life to your favorite jeans.
How to update old jeans
Jeans look worn? Use it – the edges of the pockets and the surface of the pants here and there with a float or a pumice stone. Now do the one pant leg under the pocket cuts, and the other above the knee. Incisions also treated with a grater or pumice. A few movements – and you're holding a fashionable "distressed" jeans.
If you know how to embroider, consider that half the work is already done. Jeans can embroider floss, sequins, beads and beads. Think of a pattern and business. Can be limited to flowers, butterflies or geometric shapes. If embroidery thread, pre-check do not shed.
Buy in-store of goods for needlework a few thermoapplication and glue them to jeans by using a hot iron. Just put on jeans applique face down and apply a hot iron for 30-50 seconds.
Tab at leg decorative pockets or stars of leather or contrasting fabric. Jeans can also be decorated brooch-pins in the form of butterflies or fairies. These pins are sold in stores of goods for needlework.
Love to draw? Get acrylic paint for fabric and get to work. Draw whatever you want: decorate the pockets of an unusual pattern, sign the bottom of the leg, or draw something similar to the Japanese characters on the hips over the knees. You can draw thin or thick brush, as you see fit.
Old jeans you can "cook" throw them in boiling water with salt and chlorine. Simmer for an hour and be ready to get a brand new and trendy thing "boiled" jeans with stains.
Men's jeans can be updated using the camouflage fabric: cut patches or squares and sew on, and worn places. A more complicated version patches of camouflage fabric and iron buttons. Sew patches and secure them with large metal buttons.
To upgrade jeans can Nachev additional pouch pockets, over the old one. Thus you kill two birds with one stone and update your jeans and get rid of the need to carry a bag for the Essentials. Pockets you can do Velcro or a zipper, for a special content safety. Inside pockets panel mantle fabric for protection from the weather.
Old jeans can be decorated with fabric appliques. Just cut from any suitable fabric, the flowers, the sun or the clouds and sew on the sewing machine to shabby. Instead of a fabric tie applique flowers from the remnants of any yarn and sew over the pockets or on the leg. From a separate fabric or knitted applications, you can do an entire composition.
Useful advice
Very old and faded jeans turn into useful home items such as bags, pot holders or covers for stools. Not in a hurry to get rid of annoying clothes – old jeans will easily turn into fashionable and useful thing.

Advice 4 : How to decorate pants

The tired old pants and jeans can be decorated in different ways and even use them, for example, on walks. Thing new, but with the offensive hole to restore so that it will look better than the initial version.
How to decorate pants
You will need
  • beautiful belt;
  • - threads for embroidery;
  • - beads, sequins, glass beads;
  • - fringe;
  • - cut a beautiful fabric.
The easiest way to decorate your pants is to buy a new bright belt. Pants will immediately become a different, more elegant look. Choosing a plain black purse, you will be able to use pants for the office and a belt with a large decorative buckle will give you the opportunity to wear them to the party.
To update the look of the pants, put them on a yoke from a different cloth. Strut the top part of the pants and cut away detail that is where you will sew the yoke. Instead of using patterns these items are cut from the selected fabric elements cut. Stitch detail yoke, the zipper can be sewed on the side. The finished part connect with pants. The connection can be decorated with fringe, leather or satin edging.
A hole or ugly scuff marks on the pants and jeans mask decorative embroidery. To make it convenient to operate, strut inseam of the leg and secure it to the Hoop. Pattern transfer to the product using copy paper, it is of even white color, which is useful for dark fabric. Embroidery floss come in silk, cotton, viscose and wool. Choose those that will match the material of the pants. Embroidery for jeans can be brightly colored, and simple pants will perform monochrome restrained.
The side seams of suede, leather, corduroy or denim pants adorn with fringe. This decorative item will help you to disguise the insert, if you so decide to expand legs, which were cramped. Such, together, it is important to choose the right shoes. Fringe can be put on the bottom of the pants, which is great help out, if a little short.
For the decoration of the pants can be used everything is in working order in the departments of sewing accessories: glass beads, sequins, beads, rivets, embroidery, applique, braid and other details. Drawings that are suited to your size, find in magazines on needlework or women Internet sites.Winter warm pants decorated with pieces of fur, making of them the application.

Advice 5 : How to make ripped shorts

Torn denim shorts have become classics of street style and even go beyond it. But if you use this item of clothing in formal situations to be very careful, for walks and meetings with friends on a hot summer day ripped shorts will fit perfectly. While you can make them with your own hands out of old denim pants. "Torn" decor will add originality to the denim shorts.
How to make ripped shorts
You will need
  • Old jeans, scissors, box cutter, soap, or chalk, needle, thread, tweezers, a little bit of lace fabric.
Cut the jeans to the desired length. To do this, put on a wash, well ironed trousers and put a soap mark denoting the desired length. Turn the jeans inside out and draw a cutting line, it should be 2-4 cm below the previously set mark. Guided by the principle "one hundred times measure, cut once" wear cropped pants for the second time and after this try, if need be, shorten the shorts. About one and a half inches need to leave in order to handle the bottom.
With a utility knife, cut two parallel strips of the desired length with a distance of a few centimeters. The cuts should be equal and placed one above the other. Better to start with rear patch pockets, it will help to practice before a more responsible stage of work on the front of the shorts.
With the help of forceps and needle, pull the thread between the transverse slits are made. Thus, after finishing work on the tissue section will remain only a longitudinal thread of white color.
Repeat the same action in several places. In order for the shorts not too open on the front of the breakdown better to do over the pockets. Optionally, the shorts can be done with a utility knife small square or rectangular slot and fluff up using a needle their edges.
Treat the bottom of the shorts. The easiest way is to put on the edge of the denim "fringe", pulling the required amount of longitudinal threads around the hem. You can make smooth edges, tucked and stitched them by machine or hidden stitch. The edges can also turn out on the outside.
Optional sew small pieces of lace on the sides of the shorts. To do this, fold the product in half, measure and then cut a small corner from the outer bottom edge on both legs. The resulting triangle on the shorts need to "close" lace. This can be done with both external and inner side hidden stitch or with a machine. Shorts can be decorated with rhinestones, metal elements, applications and other ways.
The process of shortening jeans is one of the most important stages of preparation of the product. Too short ripped shorts will look vulgar
Useful advice
To achieve the effect of easy negligence and naturalness of the cuts after the first wash. If then the tears on the shorts seem too big, they can "cover up", sew the lace to the inside.

Advice 6 : How to make denim shorts

Surely in your wardrobe are abandoned jeans that are so loved, what a pity to throw away. But wearing them is not desirable or impossible. Breathe new life into your favorite thing will help a pair of scissors and your imagination.
How to make denim shorts
Denim shorts – a classic of the summer season. They can be sporty look, combining it with sneakers and a t-shirt. And can be worn with heels and a blouse.

Ladies love denim shorts for the opportunity of expression. It's a canvas on which to create. And shorts, made by hand from start to finish, it is also a guarantee that the second such you will not meet.

The basis for creativity

Before crop jeans, they need to be washed, dried and ironed. Decide on the desired length of future shorts. If you are not sure, make them a little longer. To cut short you will always have time, extending will be problematic.

Turn the jeans inside out, fold it exactly and mark cut lines. Add a couple of inches on the stock and carefully cut using sharp scissors.


Now use your fantasy. If you want to bend the bottom, making a neat edge, tuck the shorts and sew a double seam on a typewriter. To line it turned out a flat, bent edge can be pre-press. If you do not want to sew, make a small fringe. Ragged hem is also in fashion.

In order to completely change the color of the resulting shorts, they must be bleached. Spray bleach spray and leave for a few hours. Then wash again and rinse well. Paint for fabric can be purchased in sewing stores or departments for creativity. Dilute according to instructions and apply it on the shorts.

The Ombre effect can be achieved using several colors at the same time. Apply first one, then another. RUB the border, while the paint hadn't dried yet. It is better to use colors that are close in the spectrum: red-orange-yellow, blue-blue-purple, etc.

If you want shorts with a print, make a stencil out of heavy paper and use it to paint your design using acrylic paint or markers.

Trendy ripped shorts are made with a razor blade. Chaotically make a few cuts, and then with scissors, remove some threads to make a fringe. Using a pumice stone, you can create the effect of fading.

Trendy shorts with lace. Buy shop for sewing lengths of beautiful lace and sew it to the pocket or side seam. To facilitate the work, use the lace adhesive.

Another idea bright decor – decorated with fabric or ribbons back pockets of the shorts. Studs, spikes and rhinestones – they are also useful for decoration.

Advice 7 : How to decorate denim shorts to look stylish

Denim fabric entered the life of mankind for quite some time. The first denim shorts appeared several centuries ago. Then they were quite similar to the current version and belonged only to the male wardrobe. First cut your favorite jeans ventured the American. So we came up with denim shorts, which then began to decorate various elements in order to make them stylish and fashionable.
Denim shorts

Why wear denim shorts in the summer?

To impress others the desire for stylish living and the perfect taste, enough to decorate your shorts with your own hands. It is not enough to buy a decoration, you need to know how to match it with a particular type of fabric.

Summer is a season of vacations, sun, holidays. In these days you want to impress others with not only a good figure, and fashionable clothes. No matter where the vacation is in the home country or abroad, you need to be able to dress tastefully. The clothing should be comfortable, convenient and meet the fashion trends.

Some things used in summer season, have become boring to their owners. Therefore, girls try to wear clothes that are used less frequently in hot weather. These things are taken and denim shorts. Since many of these products do not differ in brightness and figures, they can be something to decorate.

Ways of decorating

Denim shorts can be decorated with rhinestones. This item of jewelry looks good and is publicly available. Rhinestones can be selected in-store fabrics and accessories. Here you can only rely on your taste. Gluing rhinestones on denim shorts can be in any order. You need to remember only one rule. To shower things with rhinestones is not worth it. For your summer clothes is fine glimmering stripes or a small pattern on the pocket.

As decorations, you can use a zipper and rivets. These items are very popular among young people. Drawing on the shorts zippers or rivets will take time. Just keep in mind that the choice could fall only on one type of jewelry. To put on denim shorts and zipper, and rivets is unacceptable.

You can decorate the thing with appliques or bead embroidery. Beading is not suitable if the fabric from which the sewn shorts is hard. Fishing line can quickly tear or peretiraetsya. The application can make yourself or buy in the store.

Denim shorts can be decorated with lace. It may have a different shade and color. The bottom seam on the shorts need to strut, then carefully ironed it. Sew the lace from the wrong side with a concealed seam. There are other options for decorating this material. Not to rip the seams, you can sew the lace to the back or front pockets. This element can be sewed on the waistband of the shorts.

Leather lining and the same kind of fringe can be useful to create a denim shorts, cowboy style. Leather patches can be sewn on top of the shorts just below the pockets. Fringe is strengthened along their edges.

You can decorate an old denim shorts, portraying to them the flag of the country. But this method is for the more adventurous members of the fairer sex.

Animal print will also make denim shorts stylish. It is necessary to take a piece of cardboard of a similar color with leopard spots, and cut from them the necessary details. Next, you should place them on jeans. As an option you can consider painting white cardboard with a marker or waterproof paint.

Very often, the shorts are adorned with spikes. In this case, the more suitable a dark denim material. Spikes you can decorate the edge of the pockets.

Decorating denim shorts, can mix several styles in one.

Advice 8 : How to decorate denim shorts

Denim shorts are fashionable and modern piece. However, even the favorite thing may eventually get bored. To update denim shorts can be decorated with decorative elements.

Ideas for decorating denim shorts

Today clothes with hand-made items are very popular and in demand. Such things as originality, extravagance and exclusivity. That is why stylish girls decide to decorate the denim shorts using a simple, but impressive ideas.

For example, transform a boring denim shorts, you can use the nylon thread and beads of different diameter. Concise and effective design work, if you place the decor symmetrically across the surface of the jeans. More original finish will look if beads to sew close to each other, gradually increasing their diameter. This decoration is better to place them on the sides or on the front of the shorts.

Another option is simply and quickly decorate Jean shorts – use pieces of lace or guipure. If you want to create finish "in haste", the material can be sew directly on top of the legs. Beautiful decor happens if lace to place at the bottom of the shorts. Translucent material is stylish and rather sexy look on the sides. In this case, you should cut the excess denim material (e.g., pieces of triangular shape) and sew lace.

Today is a very popular finish unusual materials. For example, to decorate the denim shorts with your hands, you can use flat buttons. Finish better accommodate a particular shape (lines, squares, circles) or to decorate any area of the product (e.g., the bottom corners of the legs, pockets, etc.). Buttons it is better to choose one size, but different colors.

The unusual finishing of denim shorts

Embroidery, beads, lace are pretty standard ways to decorate Jean shorts. Another thing – to use modern ideas and materials to transform the outdated thing in stylish new clothes. For example, decorate shorts from jeans using indelible markers/paints for fabric and stencils.

To create an original design you will need: thick cardboard, indelible ink/marker pens, scissors, pencil. The idea to create a stencil you can take from the Internet or fashion magazine. It should be noted that in this case even the most simple shapes (stars, squares, triangles, ovals, etc.) will look very stylish. For example, using asterisks is easy to reproduce today's popular pattern of the American flag. If you can draw, stencil use and not necessarily. Just apply the image with a soft pencil, and then draw/paint the prepared materials. Particularly impressive on the shorts will look great made in this way ethno-patterns and drawings in Doodle style.

Another option unusually to decorate the denim shorts is to use a metal zipper. The length they can completely cover the product (can be placed in a circle of the leg), so be short. Decor metal zipper looks very original, stylish and modern.

Advice 9 : How to decorate jeans with his hands

Decor denim pants – a very interesting exercise. With all kinds of decorative elements you can give your old jeans a new life, adorning them in unusual ways, or to give denim wear a more interesting appearance.
How to decorate jeans with his hands

How to decorate jeans with lace

If you wish to decorate your old jeans, which in some places, frayed fabric or holes are available, this method of decoration for you.

First, using sharp scissors, cut a hole in the jeans (this is required if you wish to create the effect is quite worn, for example, on the knees.

Next, pull out the edges just made of cuts of the filament.

Turn the jeans inside out, from the lace fabric is the right color, cut a piece of the desired size and using a needle and thread and a hidden stitch to sew the fabric, put it on the cuts on the jeans. For more durable fastening of laces can be sewn on the sewing machine.

How to decorate jeans with beads and rhinestones

This method of decoration is suitable for those who love bright things, attracts attention.

Fold the legs of jeans two or three times and them carefully sew hidden stitches, so they turned around.

Then take a needle and thread in the color of the jeans and start sewing on the beads. Patterns think of is carefully using chalk to draw them on the jeans.

Add to the brightness of the appearance of things the crystals, gluing them on with special glue.

If you have some free time or you have no desire to mess with gluing and sewing of the decoration, you can buy in any fabric store special crystals arranged in a certain pattern that stick is very easy and just one touch of the iron. All that is necessary is to remove the protective film from the pattern of the rhinestone and attach it to the jeans, cover with a cotton cloth and Ironing. The pattern applied to the product.

Is the advice useful?