If jeans are worn out on the bottom, they can be shortened, making fashion summer shorts or trousers-Capri. You can also decorate the jeans in places and scuffs to the original, almost exclusive thing.

In that case, if cut off jeans, do not want to do the following. First, we need to strengthen the edges of jeans, stitched them on the sewing machine line zigzag to the leg did not maprilis. Place of fading and all the holes must also be carefully repaired.

After the jeans are done up, you can begin to choose the right lace, braid or fringe. Decorative items are chosen based on which style it is going to receive jeans. The selected trim to cover scuffs and pristroit applique or lace on the machine.

If the braid or the lace is sewn on the bottom of jeans, then you need to add a decor element from the same material on pant legs or pockets. Nice stripe lace tutu is on the bottom of the leg and repeated at the top of the circular bands.

On denim (especially if it is a classic blue color), spectacular look-outs and tapes of natural materials such as cotton, wool and flax. To this finish after washing did not sit down and not ruined the appearance of the restored jeans before you sew the braid or of an application to the leg finish it is necessary to moisten with water and dry with a hot iron.