You will need
  • - pumice stone;
  • - knife for paper (stationery);
  • - bleach with chlorine;
  • - nail clippers;
  • - a seam Ripper;
  • - tight plate.
There are many ways artistically "ruin" the jeans. The easiest way to do the holes with a regular knife. Carefully select the place on the jeans that you want to decorate the sections, enclose under it a thick plate (will fit top of box, Board, hard cover), then start to penetrate the hole across the legs, leaving between them large gaps. Incisions need to do quite a lot to your jeans in the selected place began to split into a separate thread. After that remove fine lint and dust from the surface of the jeans and wash them. Wash holes give a natural look.
If you like fading, and small holes on the jeans, you can use a pumice stone. To do this, place the desired place of the solid plate, wet jeans with plain water and start rubbing. You need to carefully watch, that the fading was uniform, use a pumice stone carefully, it is better to perform this procedure several times, so you can achieve a more interesting effect.
You can use a nail scissors or a seam Ripper to create holes. A sharp tip of the thread pull out from your jeans where you want to get artistic hole. You can pull out strands along or across the leg. Scissors and a seam Ripper is easy to control, so you can get quite a complex pattern of holes and gaps. After washing the cut this way the jeans will look even more spectacular.
Note that the cuts and tears on the jeans look particularly impressive if the surrounding fabric is a little bit bleached out. You can treat the desired area jeans bleach or bleach with it before you begin to cut and tear them. It is enough to apply the solution onto the desired area for a while. Just prefer to do it with a sponge so you can control the amount of bleach, then jeans should be washed. As a result, you get a nice "fading", which can make interesting cuts.
Think about how you can decorate jeans, combining several techniques. You can make the cuts and tears not only the legs but also on the pockets at the waist. Add scuffs on the bottom edge and edges of jeans pockets, so they will look much more harmonious.