You will need
  • - Jeans
  • - Box cutter
  • - Knife with teeth
  • - Sandpaper
First of all, you need to be aged. Regardless of the color of you jeans, you need to make them, the effect of wear to the breaks looked more harmonious. Take a piece of sandpaper and carefully powertrowel those places that are normally cleaned - front from hip to Shin and back of the buttocks to the calves.
Take a utility knife and put the jeans on the table. Make 3-4 small incisions in the front, beforehand bothering to back part has not suffered from this. Also make 2-3 small incision below the knee is prides greater symmetry. Vsporite bottom seams at the bottom edge of the jeans in order to form this place late fringe.
Take a knife with teeth and razluchnitse the edges of the cuts you made. Lohmatye them, pulling the edge up and sliding your knife across the course of the incision. You will have to form long and short threads. Pull out the long threads, you only need a small fringe. Do the same bottom - lochmatter jeans as long as they do not take the desired form.