How to look fashionable, not tacky-dressed

Those who holey jeans seem to be a bad taste, just do not know how to wear them. If you meet certain conditions, you will look at such things, modern and stylish.

Artistic cuts with a fringe or so-called "noodles" look interesting and can easily highlight and hide features of the figure. Keep this in mind.
For example, if the hips, distract attention from them with holes in the knees.

Ripped jeans and scuffed their cute holes draw attention to girls who wear such things. Therefore, they are not required to wear modest personages, not too wish to be the center of attention.

Holey jeans will be perfectly combined with casual clothes. At the same time, the more holes in jeans than they seem to be more "screaming", and hence the less pretentious should be the top. Plain t-shirts, simple blouses fit this situation perfectly. In combination with casual ballet flats, the image will be slightly geeky, but at the same time the girl in ripped jeans attracts with its tenderness and vulnerability.

How to make a stylish ripped jeans

The easiest way to purchase ripped jeans, but you can make them with your own hands. For this you need to stock up on jeans, nail scissors or blade, cutting Board, chalk, pumice, or sandpaper.

First you need to wear jeans and to determine the location of the future art of the cut, mark it with chalk. Then the leg to enclose the Board not to make an extra hole, and, in fact, it's time to proceed to the main – cutting "noodles".

To achieve a negligence and a "shaggy" holes, you need to remove the transverse strands of denim cloth in the incision area.
Particularly stylish ripped jeans become after a few washes.

Fashionable wear to too simple: it should pull the Trouser leg and the fabric is strongly rubbed with a pumice stone. The main thing – do not overdo it!

Jeans with holes is not a hand – me-downs and not a sign of lack of taste. Everyone should choose what he likes and is best suited to his figure, emphasize character, and for girls, and her beauty.

Fashion jeans with holes – it's a versatile option that is perfect for friendly parties and trips out of town, and even for a business meeting.

And what would you choose, whether it be a business suit or tattered jeans, the main thing is like you personally and give a good mood!