Advice 1: How can you use aspirin in the household: 6 ways

Aspirin, there is probably in every home medicine Cabinet. This simple and inexpensive tool not only reduces fever and relieves headache, to fight off the flu or a hangover, helps to fight acne and calluses. Aspirin can be used in the household as a bleach, stain remover or cleaning agent.
How can you use aspirin in the household: 6 ways


How to withdraw aspirin sweat stains and other organic stains

Using acetylsalicylic acid without much difficulty to get rid of perspiration stains on clothing. Also good job with aspirin and clothes stained with blood or urine.

In order to get rid of such spots, two to three tablets plain (not fizzy) aspirin dissolved in ½ glass of water, impregnated with the resulting solution contaminated sites and leave for 2-3 hours. Then the polluted things washed in normal mode.

If the stain is old, stubborn – you can use a harsher method, using aspirin in "concentrated" form. To do this, a few pills should be crushed into powder, add a spoonful or two of water and apply the resulting slurry on pollution, leaving to influence for 15-20 minutes. However colored things this method should be used with caution – the fabric may suffer.

How to whiten linens with aspirin

Acetylsalicylic acid can be used as a mild bleach, this proven tool will help you to return freshness ashen or yellowed Laundry without damaging the fabric.

For these purposes, also should not use effervescent aspirin: constituent of vitamin supplements will not help the garment to restore its original color, will only increase the cost of the bleaching process.

как отбелить белье аспирином

In order to whiten the clothes with aspirin, dissolve 4 pills in a standard five litres of warm water. To simplify the process, you can first dissolve the aspirin in a small amount of hot water, and then pour the resulting medium into a bowl. Let items soak for 2-3 hours, you can leave them overnight, then wash.

You can use aspirin and for washing in the washing machine – crush a few pills and put them in the compartment for pre-wash. You can add a small amount of washing powder.

"Conservative" for a bouquet

The property of aspirin to prolong the life of cut flowers is widely known. Half tablet dissolved in a liter of water, will soften and prodezinfitsirovat water and prevent the decomposition of the stems – eventually, the bouquet will be longer, besides, the smell of flowers will not rot mingled with the smell of greenery. Add aspirin need at each change of water.

Как продлить жизнь цветам в вазе

How to wash with the help of aspirin a narrow vase or decanter

On the inner side of wall vases for flowers, jugs, carafes and other vessels for water often produces a grayish plaque, get rid of which is very difficult. Especially if it is very narrow and does not allow as it is necessary to wash the vase, either manually or using the dishwasher.

To get rid of contaminants also help aspirin. But this time, it is better to use effervescent tablets. When you fill the vase with warm water and throw back a pill, the resulting air bubbles will promassiruyte surface, acting as a kind of brush, and acetylsalicylic acid and citric acid included in the composition of the pill contribute to the dissolution of plaque. After 10-15 minutes rinse the vase under running water and evaluate the effect.

Как отмыть вазу от налета при помощи аспирина

Aspirin for frequent cleaning of the toilet

In the same way with the help of effervescent aspirin can "refresh" and the toilet – throw it with aspirin, and after 10 minutes rinse with water. This will help remove the plaque formed on the walls and return the white toilet – and at the same time to carry out antibacterial treatment.

However, this tool is rather necessary to refer to a preventative, helping to maintain the purity plumbing: with strong deposits of yellow and brown color aspirin fail, you have to resort to more concentrated potent resources.

Как можно использовать аспирин в быту

How to clear the dishes from tea plaque with aspirin

When dissolving the aspirin in water creates a weak acid solution and it is able to deal not only with calcareous deposits, and dark tea plaque formed on the walls of the cups.

In order to clear the dishes from the RAID acetylsalicylic acid, pour in a Cup of hot water and dissolve in it one or two tablets of aspirin (can be used as effervescent and conventional). Leave to stand for 2-3 hours, then rinse the Cup with a sponge and detergent.

Advice 2 : How to remove stains with aspirin

Most aspirin is known as a medicine used in case of high temperature or headache. And few know that this drug is a great helper of Housewives in the fight against spots.
How to remove stains with aspirin

Aspirin stains

If you or your loved ones have a tendency to excessive sweating, this is quite an unpleasant problem. Besides the smell, there are further difficulties in the care of clothing. After all, yellow stains that remain from sweat, is not so easy to wash. And if they are old, highly ingrained, it is doubly difficult. The appearance of such spots often persecutes those who are involved in sports. Also we often see them in white men's shirts. And normal washing here, as a rule, unable to cope. Yellow spots under the armpits can quickly lead into disrepair completely new clothes. But, fortunately, almost every home kit for this problem there is a solution: save the yellow thing will help ordinary aspirin.

How to get the stain out with the help of aspirin

You will need: 2-3 tablets of aspirin (it should be the most typical tablets, instant will not work), a glass of water and Laundry detergent. Aspirin needs to be crushed into powder and dissolve in a glass of warm water. Then straighten clothes to better to see the spot that you want to delete. Dampen the soiled areas of the resulting liquid and leave for one to two hours (the exposure time depends on how ingrained the stain).

After the required time, rinse the aspirin solution from the clothes and see if it worked to clean all the problems.
If you try to remove the stains with aspirin has failed, you can try to use a more concentrated solution: you need to take two tablets, crush them and dissolve a very small amount of water (literally a few drops) to the consistency of the resulting tool was like a paste. It should be applied to a yellowed space of five minutes to ten.

After that, rinse and again to check whether all stains have disappeared. If spots are no more, you can proceed to the next stage. Well, in the case where the spot still remains, try using a paste of aspirin about an hour or two. Final step: wash the thing as usual, by hand or in the washing machine, using detergent (powder, soap or a special gel).

Fresh stains from sweat are removed from the clothes is much easier, so do not put off the struggle with stains on the back burner.
If you have a lot of things with yellow stains, you can before washing to collect them and soak in the tank for a few hours.
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