If the fabric is worn between the legs, sew up the hole so it was invisible, in two ways. Take a sewing machine and set it to the special foot designed for embroidery. Switch type of embroidery also put in the position of "embroidery". Take a piece of jeansOh fabric or any other suitable color and pick the color thread. Fabric attach from the inside of the jeans, you can lightly tack it manually, so it didn't move during the sewing process. Will astrocyte hole conventional seam, stitching it left and right, up and down. If the thread is chosen correctly, then this patch will be quite noticeable.
The second way is to make an inconspicuous patch of the same denim. Usually, the pieces of tissue remain after the length of the jeans customize the figure. Do not throw them away for invisible patches, they will fit perfectly. Simply cut the denim piece of the required shape and size with a small margin. Tuck edges and pristrochite it on top of the holes. If sewing machines let it sew, not podrachivala edge seam "zigzag".
The most interesting are the holesobtained as a result of accidental trauma with torn edges and even torn pieces of material. It's a good excuse to exercise your imagination and refresh them. You can make these places the patches described above from a similar or, conversely, contrasting fabric. Even more fun and interesting look some appliques of different colored pieces of fabric.