You will need
  • Pieces of denim for the patch, thread, needle, sewing machine or serger
Way in the house pieces of denim that could remain after you shortened jeans. And, perhaps, in your closet are some old jeans that you once also did not want to throw away. Now it's their time – they can be useful for patches (unless, of course, texture and color are similar to the jeans).
Lay the jeans on the table so that the hole was visible, and mark the outline with a size slightly larger than the hole (with chalk or in the eye). From a piece of denim, cut a patch in accordance with the agreed size and sewn it by hand or on the sewing machine.
Apply the patch face to the wrong side of the jeans in place holes. That is, the through holes should be visible to the front side of the patch. Fix the patch. For this pristrochite it by hand using large stitches. Version: how patch jeans needles.
Now that the patch fixed, unable to proceed to its lasting re-attachment. On the sewing machine and the overlock machine (stitch zig-zag) sew a patch on jeans. Jeans at this stage needs to be turned inside out, i.e. the front side at the bottom, and in front of your eyes – wrong side of the pants and the underside of the patch.
Remove the jeans. After the patch tightly sewn middle line (or a line forward and back) prostraciya areas where the edges of the hole converge with the patch. That is sew the patch to the edges of the holes from the front side of the jeans.