This model is good because it allows you to change the look of the blouse almost all the length, the sleeves, feel free to experiment with finishes, to complement its other parts, such as collar, cuffs, decorate it with a flounce or embroidery.

For a dressy evening blouses you will need: plain fabric (silk, chiffon, but the fit and dressy knitwear), thread color, beads and beads in the color.

The work order:

1. Draw the pattern on paper. To build clear the following measurements: the distance from the shoulder to the hip level (c+d) hip (e), arm length (b) width (a). Please note that the dotted lines are drawn in a smooth semi-circle and the depth of it depends on your desires, the closer he is to direct, the bigger will be the sleeves and on the contrary, make it more curved, so the sleeves were already. Don't forget to add the pattern on each side, 1-3 cm for loose fit.

Шьем нарядную блузку быстро и просто

2. From a fabric it is necessary to carve out two such items.

3. Sew side seams, hem the bottom products, as well as the top and edge of the sleeves.

4. Shoulders connect the front and back with bead strands (pre-dial on thread beads or small beads and put the thread in a zigzag pattern on the shoulder, attaching it in turn to the back and the front). Also connect the beaded thread of the sleeve where there should be a cuff.

Tip: the shoulders and the cuffs can be connected by chains, which are also sold in stores for needlework.

Please note that this blouse would be superfluous to show underwear, if you connect the top chain is too long or make too voluminous sleeves. In the second case, the solution is to sew the sleeves about 3/4 length, leaving visible only the shoulder.