You will need
  • yarn;
  • - the spokes;
  • - pattern.
Withknit sweater Dolman is quite simple. But first we need to choose the yarn. If you plan to wear a jacket in the winter, pick up the yarn with wool, Angora or Alpaca. But remember, it should not be too thick. Pick up yarn no thicker than 120 m/50 g. For a summer option is perfect cotton, bamboo or silk. For spring and autumn suitable combinations of the above compositions (wool, bamboo, cotton, Alpaca, etc.).
Sweater Dolman knit in two ways. The first is to start knitting the sleeves and then to add a loop for the back or front. Or the second way is to knit from the back or the front, and then dial the loop for the sleeves.
Before you start to crochet you need to make a pattern. For the pattern to repeat measurements of the volume of the waist and chest; the length of the product; depth and width of the neck; lengths and heights of the sleeves. When knitting this sweaters special attention should be paid to the sleeves. You must associate so that they are not pulled, and comfortably sat on his shoulder.
For knitting the first method, type of hinges you need for your size. Tie a 10 cm elastic band to the edge of the item not turning. The rubber band beautifully complement a more casual top shirt. Then start knitting a basic pattern. It may be "rice", "thread waste", pearl binding, etc. after 25 cm from the start knitting, start to add 1 loop in each 4th row. At a height of 40 cm dial to your canvas on each side, more on of 60 stitches and knit at all loops up to 50 cm. Make the neck, dividing the knitting in half and closed 20 secondary loops continue to knit each side separately, closing with each side of the neck 7 times for 1 loop. At the height of 60 cm close all the loops. Before ready! Now, just as you knit the back, but neck start to do at the height of 55 cm Please note that on the back you should be close to neck in 3 loops.
The second method is more time consuming because you have to do more additions. Dial on the spokes of loops required for knitting the sleeves. Link 10 cm band. On the left side start to step it up in every 2nd row: 1 loop up to a height of 20 cm and Then add another 30 times for 2 loops. When the height of the sleeve reaches 40 cm, bind directly to all the loops. 15 cm do the neck, closing the right 5 loops, then 2 times 3 loops and tie another 15 cm For the design of the neck make the necessary addition: 2 × 3 stitches, then immediately 5. Now start knitting the second sleeve to the first mirror, i.e. on the right side take away 30 times for 2 loops, and then 1 loop in each 2-th row. Knit in front of the mirror.