The most popular decorations include large brooch. Any beautiful brooch will refresh simply blouse. Yes and conceal (e.g., spot) by using a brooch is not difficult. To work, you can choose the elegant brooch embellished with rhinestones. And if you add, say, a white blouse and a brooch in the shape of a red flower and a few accessories to match, you have to go with friends in a café.
Strap – good decoration blouses. If your shirt allows, add a belt and your image will immediately become more feminine.
If you enjoy sewing, try to decorate the blouse lace inserts. They can simply sew over the fabric or to stitch and remove the fabric under the lace material. The original blouse would happen if you put the lace on the neckline or collar. Decorate the blouse with beautiful embroidery or ornament, which is made of braid. Mistresses may want to try to decorate the blouse the colors of the fabrics or various products from beads.
If you are tired of your blouse and to sew you can not, then try to decorate the blouse with the new buttons. Simply change the buttons of her blouse. Due to the original button-down blouse will look like new.
Perfectly decorate the blouse , you can use the crystals, since they are now sold in any store for needlework. Set a figure and stick the rhinestones. Can buy directly the composition of the crystals, did not have to glue one at a time.
To decorate the blouse and complement the image, you can use tie, shawl or scarf. The tie will bring rigor to the image, and the shawl or scarf on the contrary will add femininity and lightness.
Also decorate the blouse is feathers, tassels made of leather, cloth, ribbons and various accessories. And of course, the main decoration of any thing is its owner.