Select the style of your future sweaters. It can be nipped in at the waist or straight, and also with the smell. Make scheme-the pattern for your style. For sweater with batwing pattern consists of only two parts - the front and rear.
Buy required quantity of yarn. The sweater may consist of multiple colors, so decide on the color of your model.
Start to knit from the left sleeve. To do this, tie an elastic band around ten to fifteen centimeters. Then link the required number of rows of sleeves with satin stitch or other pattern, gradually adding a few loops on each side.
Then after a certain number of ranks close to neckline average loop and start separately knit in front and back of the product.
Scroll to the middle of the sweater finished and knit symmetrically, with the subtraction become additions and Vice versa. Provarite the rest of the series. After this you need to subtract the necessary number of loops and the remaining loops to tie ten or fifteen centimeters of gum, then close all the loops.
Dial on the bottom edge of the forehand and the back the desired number of loops and provarite band of about sixteen inches. After close all the loops.
Connect the parts of the product, while run side seams and seams of sleeves. Treat the neck, provatas one row of purl stitches and then close all the loops.Not so difficult to knit a sweater with bat sleeve. Spread your product and gently using a damp cloth iron it. Now you can afford to tie up a lot of different shapes and colors of clothing with original and unusual sleeve.