Try to concentrate and remember where you saw the phone at home last time, which made him action. For example, if you lost it before leaving the apartment for, examine the room where you are going, look into the bathroom and the kitchen. Think, have you lost any of your stuff before, and if so, where they were found. Maybe it fell behind the dresser or under the table or lies on the surface of the same color (for example, on a carpet), which becomes invisible.

Very often, the phones disappear," accidentally caught between the cushions, back and seat of the chair or sofa. Women should visit the cosmetic bag (makeup and I accidentally put the phone back with the makeup products and tools). Smokers, people sometimes lose their phone, going to smoke on the stairwell, so if you belong to one, check out this version.

Examine the pockets of your clothes to quickly find off phone at home. If you was going somewhere, then it could automatically put it in a jacket or pants. Better to empty all pockets, if they are filled with large number of objects, as the phone may get lost among them. Do the same with your bag, as it could put the device in it.

If the house has any people besides you, be sure to ask them if they've seen your phone. Often he becomes the toy of children, or take him urgently to call relatives. Check also the place where sleeping your pet, e.g. cat or dog. They could get right on the phone. If you frequently move data from phone to computer and Vice versa, check out the workplace.

Try also to find a turned off phone home, just by calling it from another device. It is likely that while you were looking for it, the machine spontaneously joined
(this happens when device warns about low battery), and then you will understand where he is. On some phones even when switched off can be previously established signals of the alarms and audio reminders from the diary and calendar.