You will need
  • documents and instruction from the phone;
  • - long wooden rail;
  • a detector, responsive to non-ferrous metals;
  • - passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
Remember where you saw the phone or the place where you used it last time. The search will be easier if the phone was lost in a confined space where there are no outsiders. But there is a small probability that even a lost in the street, the phone can be returned to its owner.
Explore the area, which allegedly lost the phone. If the unit was last used at home, should make a General cleaning, paying particular attention to hard-to-reach places: under furniture spaces, openings between the wall and bed, etc. the Machine can get into the most unpredictable place, falling off a table and a sunset under the couch. Pets also have a tendency to play with unfamiliar objects. So to confirm, you need to tap all the inaccessible corners of the long wooden stick. Steel rods should be avoided to prevent damaging the furniture or the phone.
Remember whether you set the phone alarm, and whether your phone supports this feature in off mode. If all conditions are met, you only need to wait for the interval between the signals in set for Wake up time turn off all appliances that make noise.
Try using a metal detector, responsive to non-ferrous metals, if the steps above did not lead to the desired result. Search services are provided by specialized agencies.
Please contact lost and found in case if the phone was lost on the street, in public transport or the place of a mass congestion of people. If the finder of your camera man decided to keep the discovery to himself, the further the search is authorized to do by the police.
Write a statement in Department of internal Affairs of the city, specifying the approximate time and place of loss, as well as the base code of the device specified in the accompanying documents. Using a system of recording the signal off the device, the police in a short time she would the coordinates of the location of cell phone. Thus it is possible to detect even a phone with a fully discharged battery. The secret lies in the fact that the energy source of the phone numbers are never discharged completely, leaving a reserve stock.