How to find your phone at home if it is off

If you lose your phone in the room, to find it will fail in 99% of cases. For this you need to remember where and when it was last used and return to that place. Most likely, the search off your mobile phone suddenly turn into a General cleaning, which is found not only mobile but also lost many other previously useful things.

  • Remember whether you set the phone alarm clock, and does his signal off the phone.
  • If you have children and animals, in order to find the phone off should not exclude even the most unexpected places: the trash, the shoes in the hallway, a food bowl etc.
  • Be patient and explore all the hard to reach places with a long stick.
  • In the most severe cases to help find a turned off phone can a metal detector.

How to find a turned off phone "Android"

If a cell phone based on "Android", then search for it you can use the original service Android Device Manager provided by Google. To do this, go to the website in a special window, choose the model of your device. If the phone is already used by someone else, and this time included data transmission over the Internet, the service will provide his location.

As find phone via IMEI

Lost or stolen phone can be found on the original number (IMEI), which is usually stamped on the device under the battery. This is a special identification number which consists of 15 digits. If you cannot find this combination of digits, you can find it by dialing *#06#. This method is used when contacting the police with a statement about the theft or loss of mobile phone. Law enforcement officers speak directly to the operators to request the location of the device, and then accurately determine the new owner and his address. It is worth noting that this method should be used if there is no certainty that the phone is not home, as after the detection of the mobile phone in the applicant's home, you can get a substantial fine.

How to find a turned off phone

Search off mobile phone can simplify the hanging keychain in advance, to respond to whistle or clap their hands.

Order your special firm print your photo on the back cover of the device. If the phone falls to the thieves, it is unlikely that they will be able to resell it, and, most likely, will try to return to the owner, even for a fee.

Do not be lazy to go to lost and found. The world is not without kind people, and maybe that's where you'll find a turned off phone. Also worth a flick through a local newspaper advertisement on the findings of various things.

Protect yourself in advance, investing under the cover of the phone near the battery a note about what you are, for example, a police officer and this mobile phone contains a lot of important information. It is unlikely, after reading this, thieves will want to implement the device.

Not to get into a situation where need to look for a phone, better to carry out the necessary actions to alleviate the problem in the future.