Advice 1: How to find a man, if turned off phone

We are so accustomed to be connected that unanswered calls or the lack of connection with a loved one immediately leads to the idea that with it something happened. In most cases, the reason for panic – it mobile device could simply be drained, or it is just in the place where the relationship does not catch. But what if the person is not returning my calls a long time, and his cell phone remains silent? One way out – you need to start looking.
How to find a man, if turned off phone
The first step is to call all your mutual friends. If a wanted person in their company there is, maybe, some of them at least vaguely heard where he was going to go missing.
If information about the last movements of wanted your mutual friends and acquaintances there, call the place of study/work of this man. So at least you know were it is at this day in the institution, and if lucky, will tell you with whom together he left the room, and give the coordinates of the last communicate with him.
Think about the habits of your lost friend. Maybe at the same time he always goes to the cafe, gym, massages, etc. If he broke the unit cell, this man is unlikely to change their already established habits. So, if you find it in some of these places, so he's all right - the problem was just in phone.
If the missing person you were supposed to meet, but because of the lack of communication rendezvous did not work, should check their personal page in the social network, log into ICQ, Skype and email. Maybe in one of the programs you are waiting for the letter of explanation: the Internet sometimes are much simpler than a phone. Although hope the news is especially not worth it. Having access to the network, people could send you message or call using one of the newer programs.
Do not be amiss to look into his personal account. Perhaps, thanks to social networking, you will learn the secret side of his life, which will help determine the location of a lost of you relative or friend. If you are seriously puzzled by the loss of a loved person, you can call hospitals and the morgue. About it, of course, do not want to think, but such an option cannot be ruled out.
Take a statement to law enforcement. Most likely, they will act the same as you - to find common friends, asking colleagues, etc. But unlike you, the police have more free hand. They can make a request to the transport service and to obtain information about the movements of the missing personthat you are without authority nobody will.

Advice 2: How to find a missing cell phone

Every day, dozens of people lose their cell phones. Someone becomes a victim of thieves, and someone just loses their phone. Find the missing cell is quite difficult, however, if you act quickly, the chances to recover the loss significantly increase.
How to find a missing cell phone
If you find that your cell phone is lost as soon as you can call it from another phone. If the missing cell phone is somewhere nearby, you'll find it by the sound of the ringtone. If your phone someone found, then it is likely that the finder will answer your call and then you will be able to negotiate with him about the recovery of your lost phone.
It is much harder to find a missing cell phone, if the person who found him decided to give the phone itself, or if you become a victim of robbers. In this case the phone will probably be taken out the SIM card, so attempts to call him to anything will not lead. If you find yourself in this situation, without wasting time, contact the police.
The police write a statement about the missing cell phone. If you know the IMEI of the phone, be sure to specify it.IMEI number is international mobile equipment identity assigned to the phone during its manufacture. IMEI is fifteen digits and remains unchanged regardless of which SIM card is currently on the cell phone. Therefore, knowing your IMEI, using a special technology it is possible to calculate the phone's location to within a few meters, and get information about the owner SIM card is in the phone at this moment.
If you applied in the day of the loss cell phone and pointed it at the same IMEI, the police will surely be able to find it. If you do not know the IMEI of the phone, or strongly "pulled" with the submission of the application, the chances of finding the phone fall to virtually zero.
Useful advice
In no case do not throw away the documents that came in the kit together with your cellular phone. They contain an IMEI number, which you will need if the phone is stolen.

With the help of special programs IMEI can be changed, so with the loss of phone it is important to act quickly.

Advice 3: What to do if you broke a tooth

Healthy beautiful teeth is part of good image. A broken tooth hurts, also, does not look very aesthetically pleasing. If you do not waste time, you can quickly eliminate the deficiency and regain a flawless smile.
What to do if you broke a tooth
People often get lost in unusual situations. When emergency dental problems of great importance is the timely treatment to the experts. If broken tooth, remove all the pieces and rinse your mouth with boiled water or chamomile. So as not to scratch the tongue and inner part of the cheeks, zarovnaya sharp part of the chip means at hand: a small file with a small grain or a nail file. Do not wait until the pain. Take pain medication and faster go to the doctor. To provide expert assistance in such a situation can dentist. He will examine your mouth, take an x-ray will determine the extent of the damage. Depending on this, a decision will be made about further treatment. If you broke off a small piece of tooth or part of a seal defect can be easily corrected. It is possible to equalize the cleavage, choosing the natural color with the help of modern filling materials.When the cause of damage is tooth decay, you need immediate treatment patient cavity, and then all the beauty treatments to restore. Treatment for a broken tooth is pretty much impossible to put the seal - after the treatment of the affected tissue an empty cavity. Should strengthen the tooth. According to x-rays is determined by the condition of the root and its ability to carry additional load. If there is inflammation canal being treated. Made a cast of the internal cavity of the root and is made of individual metal tab that is fixed with cement. It has a form that not only strengthens the Foundation of the tooth, but will allow you to recover the lost part. If it hurts to eat and no visible damage to the tooth has split vertically. Weak fabric could not stand the load and cracked. X-ray the dentist can determine how deep it is. If the chip is minor, it is still possible to carry out a full restoration. After all the manipulations a dentist typically recommends a crown. They are made from metal alloys and are combined with ceramics. Modern technology of prosthetics allows us to produce crowns, no different from your natural color. They maintain the restored tooth against abrasion and provide full chewing function.

Advice 4: What to do if the right ear was beginning to lose some hearing

Suppose you woke up one morning and found that my right ear hears worse than the left, or nothing hears. In nine cases out of ten the reason for this becomes cerumen, obstructing the ear canal. Removing it from your ear you will get rid of the discomfort and restore normal hearing.
What to do if the right ear was beginning to lose some hearing
Education in a person's ears of cerumen is a very common phenomenon. Paradoxically, it is often a consequence of increased attention to hygiene hearing.

Many people thoroughly clean the ear canal with cotton swabs. In General, sulfur that is generated in the ears of any person, performs the function of a barrier. It prevents the inner ear and the human brain bacteria and dust. Indeed, the external part of the ear cleaner earwax but on the inside, as if pressed as a result of such manipulation. And if in addition the wrong person washes his ears, the water gets into the ear canal, and then the formation of cerumen in the ear is virtually guaranteed.

How to understand that in the right ear – cerumen?

The main symptom that your ear was formed cerumen impaction is the most unpleasant feeling that you suddenly became deaf in my right ear. This suggests that blockage has reached the size at which it completely blocks the ear canal. In this case, it is easiest to turn to the ENT doctor that quickly and safely washes off the ear.

What to doif the doctor for some reason impossible? You can remove a sulfuric stopper from an ear yourself. The pharmacy sells a variety of drops that soften the tube and contribute to its rejection.

How to remove the tube from the right ear without the use of special equipment?

You can get rid of the tube in the ear and without drugs from the pharmacy. For this you need to flush the ear out of a small enema on any capacity. Ear when it is drawn free hand up and back, and the enema tip is not introduced into the ear canal, and leaning against his back wall.

Gently rinse the ear, gradually increasing water pressure. Sometimes you may need a few dozen enemas of warm water to the tube after all have been washed. If earwax pressed very hard, then you can first drip into the ear a few drops of vegetable oil to soften, and begin flushing the ear a few hours later. After the tube was removed, not go out for several hours, so as not to chill your ear.

To prevent the formation of cerumen in the ear in the future, wash your ears carefully, avoiding getting water in the ear canal. When cleaning the ears with cotton swabs do not try to clean sulfur from the inside of the ear. Excess sulfur is excreted from the body – this occurs in the process of chewing. For hygiene enough to maintain cleanliness of the outer part of the ear.

Advice 5: What to do if you frequently turn off the water without warning

Unfortunately, often the situation when, without warning, shut off the water in the house. To complain about the utilities or water are usually pointless. In this case, can only help advance dialed the supply of water, sufficient for most household needs. It is possible to approach the solution of this problem.
What if the water was cut off

How to protect yourself from turning off the water?

Much easier all when it comes to the private backyard which has a well. In such a situation the problem actually fraying. It is possible for convenience to include an additional pump, which would deliver the water from the column or structure in the General system of the house. More difficult with the formation of water storage in an apartment or in a private house, located in the regions where it is not so easy to reach groundwater or their quality leaves much to be desired.

The solution may be a volumetric capacity to store water, which is regularly updated at a time when water is in normal mode. With proper installation and connection of water from the reserve tank can be sent to the water system of the apartment without loss of pressure which will allow, for example, freely use the gas stove or electric boiler.

From this option, as installing a pump that would pump the remaining water in General water supply, should be abandoned. First, you can't be the only nerd in the area, then the water is just not enough time. Secondly, most likely in the pipes is formed an air tube, which will cause water hammer effect when you turn on the water, and it threatens to big breakdowns. Again, the utility for this can be fined.

Selecting and installing a replacement water tank

The amount of the reserve is subject to the amount of water consumed for each family member and taking into account the average time that the water is shut off. So, if for one person to take consumption is 300-400 liters per day, and the water is often shut off for half a day, for the average family of 4 will need 600-800 liters. By adding some reserve, you can opt for the volume of 1 cubic meter. Today very easy to pick out the ideal water tank. Many different plastic or metal models available on the market. They differ not only in volume but also in form and the possibility of installation and connection to the water system. For apartment is best suited flat plastic tanks with a volume of 500-1500 liters.
For filling the tank is better to provide the same system as in the barrel drain of the toilet. The water intake is from the bottom of the tank and through the pipes and the tap is fed into the water system.

Tank installation in a private house

In this embodiment, the tank shape is not so important. Put it on the roof or in the attic. Note that in the first embodiment, the water temperature will strongly depend on the external air temperature. The location on the roof allows you to create great water pressure, little distinguishable from the usual during normal operation of the water supply.
Be sure to insulate the tank, especially when it comes to homes located in Central or Northern latitudes. Freezing the risk that the tank will just burst.

Installation of the tank in the apartment

The best place in the apartment can be called a ceiling space in a closet or in one corner and a combined bathroom. Tank mounts for pre-horizontal fixed stops in the form of segments of profiled tubes or corner, leaning on the wall. Located under the ceiling of the tank will not occupy useful living space, at the same time will generate sufficient water pressure for most domestic situations.

Advice 6: What if the baby do not take in a kindergarten from-for absence of places

The situation with kindergartens in our country so critical that obliges to put the child to turn almost the next day after birth. However, as soon as the time comes to send their child in a garden, parents have problems with the competent authorities.
What if the baby do not take in a kindergarten from-for absence of places

Time to conquer the big world

It seems recently the baby was born, learned to walk, to talk, to dress themselves. And now it's time to send him to kindergarten, because he was 2.5-3 years. Of course, by this time the young mother is already very hungry for work, she wants to return to his life in society again daily to do makeup, styling, beautifully dressed. And the little one soon to give to the kindergarten.

And it is quite normal. Only a small number of modern women are satisfied with the role of Housewives. With daily washings, glazkami, air conditioning and other attributes of the "master's" life. In the end, it is his Holy duty, so to speak social and civic duty fulfilled. Had the baby, raised him up to a certain age. Kindergarten awaits!

Prepare kid for kindergarten

Now it's time to gently introduce the baby to society, to introduce and to teach him how to live and interact with the team. Show that in addition to mothers, grandmothers and children's play area is another world. And it is sometimes difficult, sometimes incomprehensible and sometimes cruel. But it is necessary to learn to live, make friends, enjoy the little things, to listen to the teachers, despite the fact that the mother will not be around at the right moment for it can not hide. Will have to make their own decisions.

Before sending children to garden, begin mentally to prepare. Every day explaining to him what he is going to do, call in his fancy pictures. Tell me about the garden only good, but it emphasizes that the mother is not with him but at work, instead of it, teachers and kids. Not all children are ready for kindergarten when the time comes. There is such a thing – "nasadowski child." This requires a longer adaptation. But to avoid such problems, it is necessary to initially think about how to behave with the baby and properly socialized with their peers.

How to get on the waiting list in kindergarten?

About the first few months after birth, please visit the Department of education by place of residence and put the baby on the turn in preschool educational institution. Not to stand kilometer queue created by electronic service on a special portal, you can fill out an application to make their data, series and number of documents and to control their position in the queue.

Before that, of course, need to choose a pre-school in which you would like to give your baby. You can select multiple gardens. Consider your location at the time when the baby comes it's time to go to kindergarten, suddenly you will overeat. This is especially true for tenants. If in your area a few gardens, just in case stand on the queue at all.

There is no space – what to do?

And finally, it's time! Within the specified period you come to the office of education, as you say – there is no space. Your indignation is no limit! You are already all planned out, waiting for me, you tuned in to the changes in life. What should I do? Where to complain?

Calm down and don't break the wood, not roll up scandals, this way you will not achieve anything. In disputes with state institutions need a sober mind and a cool head. To begin, try to find out from the employee why there is no place, and ask you what to do to the place still appeared.
Generally ask a lot of the right questions. The key word is correct. That is, the purposeful and open that doesn't involve one-word answer. Put yourself in the place of that officer. What person you would like to help? What pours insults and hysteria and open, but confused, really in need of assistance.

Well, if you had a real concrete, which, as they say, will not catch: the questions are answered evasively, and in one word, to soften not obtained, and do not humiliate. With a sense of self-esteem, go to the boss or any superior officer. There try to draw attention to themselves, all as cold and calculating. Just like a tank – go straight to your goal, you need to get a place in kindergarten.

In parallel find out the real situation in kindergarten, go to the head. Perhaps the trick by offering to help her institution, find out whether there is space in kindergarten. After gathering all the information, write a complaint everywhere: in education, in administration, everywhere can and must help to understand. Knock and you will open.

There is an option to appeal to the Deputy in their place of residence (these are available in every district of any city). And also to ask him to help. This, of course, also a lottery, but sometimes works. Remember that in any case, your statement must answer. It's the law, your rights as a citizen of his country, and you need them to know and understand. Under the rolling stone gathers no moss. So, go for it! Write, call, just samuchaya their questions.

Finally, another tip is to walk often all in the same Department of education. It often happens that the queue is updated once zeroed, because of the movement, drop-out children in the gardens. Perhaps in that garden on which you are applying, itself available place.

Advice 7: What to do when lost is off the phone

Today mobile phone is an indispensable tool for communication and carries not only material value, but also a lot of useful and necessary information, as contacts, correspondence, photos or videos. Because of the dimensions of the device quite often, the phone is lost. He may fall out of your pocket or bag on the street, discharged in the apartment, but sometimes can fall prey to the attacker. It is important to find a lost phone if it is off, in all possible ways so that valuable information does not fall into the hands of a stranger.
What to do when lost is off the phone

How to find a turned off phone on iPhone

To return lost or stolen smartphone based on iPhone OS is much easier than a regular phone. In modern models of the SIM card is embedded, remove it in the usual way impossible, and to find the lost phone if it is off, you need to perform simple actions. To do this:

- on the Internet go to the search site of Apple to enter in the appeared window password and login;

- after opening the account menu choose the tab "find my iPhone", which will display a map with a plotted point is green or gray.

A green dot indicates that phone is currently enabled, and if attempts to call him unsuccessful, the SIM card from it simply pulled out.

Point grey means that the phone is turned off, and its location indicates the location of the smartphone. If the terrain is familiar, and the owner of the phone had to go there, it's possible the phone could really be lost. This may mean that the phone could really be lost, not stolen. If the terrain is unfamiliar, then the options could be two: the phone is stolen or someone found and took home.

When it was possible to determine the location on the map to find the lost phone if it is off, you should lock your device using Lost Mode feature. This is a service that allows you to lock the smartphone. I need to write a message that specify a reward for a lost device, as well as the fact that to use your phone on purpose is impossible. If the message no one answered, it's time to go to the police.

How to find a turned off Android phone

Most mobile devices are quite easy to find in the enabled state, but to find a lost phone if it is off, it is not always possible. Fortunately, this problem does not concern mobile Android smartphones, which are designed for application Signal Flare, which for its operation uses a special built-in function warning of low battery level.

The program Signal Flare allows you to fix the location of the location of the phone at the time of its full discharge or battery is disconnected. Received application signal activates in the device service wireless Wi-Fi capabilities, GPS, and transmits the received data of the phone on a shared server. However, if the battery is fully discharged or will be removed from the device, find lost phone if it is off, this method will fail.

How to find a turned off phone by imei code

On the Internet there are a large number of proposals to find a lost phone if it is off, imei-code. However, sending a request or message in such questionable company, there is a high probability not only of the lack of results in the search of the mobile device, but also the loss of money and precious time.

The search phone for imei in mobile companies serves only to law enforcement agencies on the basis of statements about the loss from the owner of the phone. And the operator has a unique number and using special high-tech equipment sets in the search for the missing device.

In order not to lose time, while the official structures looking for a lost phone, you can use the services of sites-services that gather data in the database of imei codes of lost mobile devices. The website provides information about the type of mobile phone, imei-code, type of remuneration and return to the person lucky enough to find a lost phone if it is off, could contact the owner for its return.



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