Advice 1: How to find the house a dead phone

Mobile phone has long ceased to be a luxury. Modern people just can't imagine my life without this means of communication. But, what if the phone lost in the apartment, and the battery on it unfortunately ran out of battery?
How to find the house a dead phone
You will need
  • - systematic sequential a thorough search;
  • - metal detector
Try to accomplish "control" the call from another phoneand lost. Always remains a small hope that at least 1% of battery power still available. If this is, alas, not so, proceed to the other search methods.
Remember, where and with whom you last talked on the phone. If you have any "favorite" place to talk, is already good, try to search there.
If you have a habit of walking with a phoneohms throughout the apartment, talking and making on-the-go something else will have to look in the most unexpected places, like on the fridge or inside it, as well as on the shelf in the bathroom, on the balcony, in the washing machine, etc. by the Way, in the washing machine it can be even in case if you forgot to take it out of the pocket of trousers or other clothes before washing.
Make a search plan. Methodically and thoroughly explore one room after another, and, while not one hundred percent sure that it is not in this room, go to the next.
Check the pockets of your home and the output of clothing: coats, jackets, raincoats, jackets, etc. Explore the existing shelves, desks and drawers of the cabinets.
Carefully inspect the sofa or chair where you watch TV, examine the area of flooring beneath them. Remove the covers from upholstered furniture, sometimes the phones fall under them.
Do a search not only in the zone of visibility, ie at eye level, but where he could reach your hand on the top shelves of cabinets, on the surface of the dresser, etc.
Sometimes it happens so that the phone lies quietly to yourself in your purse and you somehow think that it is not there. Open all its branches, examine everything carefully.
If you have small children, ask them if they've seen your phone. Perhaps he has become a funny toy for kids. View the nursery for yourself.
Some Pets, especially dogs, tend to pick up what is bad. So if you know your pet is a taste, not be amiss to look under the dog Mat or other hiding place.
Well, at the very least use a metal detector (if there is one), although in modern apartments in a lot of different metal and this method is not the most convenient.
Useful advice
Make it a habit to put your cell phone always in the same place in the apartment. Try meticulously to perform. Do not wait until the full discharge of the battery of the mobile device. Charge it while the phone is still able to function.

Advice 2: How to find the right house

If you're a motorist, using a GPS is the easiest way to find the right house. Just download the detailed map to specify the address and the instrument will take you to that place, selecting the best route. But there are ways to quickly find a home in an unfamiliar place, not having at hand the Navigator
How to find the right house
You will need
  • Computer with access to the Internet, mobile phone.
Can be purchased at the kiosk or bookstore the traditional paper map of the city. But if you have access to the Internet is easier and more convenient to use the electronic cards. If you want to find any organization, go to her website. Often it lay out a map with the coordinates of the desired buildingand shall provide additional guidance and directions.
If you want to find a residential house or organization that has no website, use the online maps. The most popular: and Specify the location in the search string in the following format: city, street, number of house. For example: Lipetsk, Tereshkova street, 5. If you want to enjoy a detailed three-dimensional map, created based on images from space, download the application "Google Earth" (Google Earth).
When searching for organizations which you do not know, you can use a free e-guide "2GIS" ( Here, putting the city and the name of the institution, you will learn not only the location, but additional information: phone, hours of operation, email, transport routes. Looking for the directory "2GIS" and the usual homeand at the specified address.
Explore the map before you exitthe house from the houseand drawing attention to the nearby large targets. If you are not confident in your memory, it is better to print a map or sketch of the route of the scheme. Another option is just to download "Yandex-maps" on the phone, if it supports such applications. To do this, verify that the correct town is in the list of objects for which the maps. Then on the website enter your mobile number you will receive a link to install the application and follow the instructions.
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