First, we must not forget about the convenient and irreplaceable self-service system called "Service Guide" that provides users with many opportunities. For example, it is possible not only to connect and disconnect a variety of services, including pay. It can help you easily change your pricing plan to optimize the cost through the numerous gaming options, to obtain data on payments, monitor your accounts, and much more. Take advantage of the "Service Guide" and you can from the computer and from your mobile device. To do this, download from the official site of the operator "Megaphone" app that will need to run to work in the system. Also available guide can for sending a USSD-request to *105# - this operation is free.
In that case, if you want to access the self-service system through the computer, you will need to obtain the password. To do this, send service number 000105 SMS-message - 41. To log in to the "Service Guide" on the website of the operator By the way, if when you login to the site password is entered incorrectly 3 times, you will again need to send the same message 41 to number 000105.
In addition, get a phone number off a particular service, you can directly on the website of the operator, since a single number off of services not provided. To do this, select the tab with the name of the service, click on it. You will then see the shared information, the way (s) of connection and disconnection services as well as transaction costs.
To help you can and at the office of "MegaFon" or in any salon of communication. A contact there if you want to disable a service that is no longer needed. The company's employees will help you to perform all the necessary manipulations for deactivating services. However, remember that to disable some of the services require the presentation of an identification card (passport).