The tradition to put in the temple candles - the ancient custom filled with divine meaning.

The main rules

The first thing to know: the candle is a small voluntary sacrifice, to acquire and set the icons it needs with an open heart, sincere faith, pure thoughts. Only then the prayer, whether it is said in the Scripture or in your own words, be heard and help will come.

Going to the icon and the candle, need to cross twice with a bow, light a candle and put it in a separate cell of the candlestick. Then follows the prayer to the Holy face contact, again after this sign of the cross with a bow. Candles are placed before images of the Savior, His Mother and other saints to whom they pray.

Come to Church better before the service, to later do not disturb and do not distract other parishioners. To burn the candle you need only from other candles is prohibited the use of matches, lighters, and bring the candles with you. They must be purchased in the temple.

It happens that in the candlestick there are no empty seats, in any case can not be put together two candles. You need to put them in a special box, clergy Relight them after when I'm free of the cell.

Candles are not only from asking, but thanks for the help in something. If the beginning of the services failed to have time to put the plugs need to wait for its completion and then refer to the Holy Ghost, the Lord and mother of God.

Public holidays in churches and temples a lot of people, it's not always possible to personally come to the candlestick. In this case, you can pass a candle to other parishioners and to specify the place where to put it, by sending after the prayer mentally, and crossed himself.

Prayers for the health and for the repose

Praying for the health and well-being for yourself and your family, you should call in prayer the Holy name, the icon who put candles.

For all souls in churches are kononnya tables, usually in the left side of the Church, before the image of the cross. This table can be recognized by a rectangular candlestick with a Crucifix. First you need to put the food in baskets to Church commemorated the deceased with you, then approach the candle. Candles can be set for all or for each. Should be 2 times the sign of the cross, bow bow waist, fused hem a lit candle and put it in the candlestick. The candle needs to stand up straight. After reading the prayer, looking at the candle flame, you will remember the faces and speech of the dead, no need to hold back the tears. Before a leisurely departure from the Holy place should be the sign of the cross and bow once again.

The Church candles you can put in any candle holders, there are temples where there is no canonic tables and put candles in any candleholder, after all, is prayer.

It so happens that people unknowingly messed up the place and put candles for health kanuny on the table, or Vice versa. You do not need much on yourself for this – the Lord is alive.

Candles are placed in the following order: first put candles for the festive icon, which is located in the centre of the Church hall, then to the relics of St. if they are in the temple, then for the health, and for the peace.