Come to Church modestly dressed women with covered shoulders, chest, legs, head covering, and preferably without make-up, men in trousers and shirt, without a hat.
To light a candle for healthin the Church need to come before the service starts or after it ends: at the time of service, you cannot go to the temple or to pass the spark through the other parishioners. If you have no time to stand on the service, select the hours in which the Church does not conduct the Liturgy.
Traditionally, candles are placed in this order: first to the Feast or the revered icon of the temple which is directly opposite the entrance to the altar, the relics of the Saint, if they are in the temple, the icon of the Saint whose name you wear, and then for the health. You can choose any of the candlesticks, except one, on which are placed candles for the dead – panikhidy table of rectangular form with a crucifix.
Candle for the health of my Savior, mother of God, healer Panteleimon and the Holy Ghost, which, by the will of God to heal illnesses and help in different situations. For example, infertile couples can light a candle for the health Bogota Righteous Joachim and Anna – parents of the blessed virgin, and pregnant women of the Theodorov icon of the Mother of God. With any ailments people are turning to Matrona of Moscow, St. Seraphim of Sarov and other saints revered.
Buy in the temple or Church shop a few candles. Prices may be different, but the values she has both cheap and expensive candle is equally pleasing to God, if you put in sincere prayer.
Go to the icon of the Savior, the virgin or a Saint, double-cross, bow, light and place a candle, then cross, bow, and attached to the image. Before the icon of the Savior, read the prayer "our father", and in front of your chosen Holy mentally say: "Holy Saint of God (name), pray to God for me a sinner (-ω) (or the name of the person for whom you ask)".
If the candlestick occupied all the seats, just put your candle on it or standing next to the box: Ministers of the Church themselves put it, when will burn down the other.