Advice 1: As for the Church to put a candle for the health

Spark is a voluntary sacrifice of man to God, expressing our willingness to be obedient and serve. It symbolizes the warmth and love of the Lord, the Holy Borotice and all the saints. To light a candle for the health, you need to follow some rules of the Church.
As for the Church to put a candle for the health
Come to Church modestly dressed women with covered shoulders, chest, legs, head covering, and preferably without make-up, men in trousers and shirt, without a hat.
To light a candle for healthin the Church need to come before the service starts or after it ends: at the time of service, you cannot go to the temple or to pass the spark through the other parishioners. If you have no time to stand on the service, select the hours in which the Church does not conduct the Liturgy.
Traditionally, candles are placed in this order: first to the Feast or the revered icon of the temple which is directly opposite the entrance to the altar, the relics of the Saint, if they are in the temple, the icon of the Saint whose name you wear, and then for the health. You can choose any of the candlesticks, except one, on which are placed candles for the dead – panikhidy table of rectangular form with a crucifix.
Candle for the health of my Savior, mother of God, healer Panteleimon and the Holy Ghost, which, by the will of God to heal illnesses and help in different situations. For example, infertile couples can light a candle for the health Bogota Righteous Joachim and Anna – parents of the blessed virgin, and pregnant women of the Theodorov icon of the Mother of God. With any ailments people are turning to Matrona of Moscow, St. Seraphim of Sarov and other saints revered.
Buy in the temple or Church shop a few candles. Prices may be different, but the values she has both cheap and expensive candle is equally pleasing to God, if you put in sincere prayer.
Go to the icon of the Savior, the virgin or a Saint, double-cross, bow, light and place a candle, then cross, bow, and attached to the image. Before the icon of the Savior, read the prayer "our father", and in front of your chosen Holy mentally say: "Holy Saint of God (name), pray to God for me a sinner (-ω) (or the name of the person for whom you ask)".
If the candlestick occupied all the seats, just put your candle on it or standing next to the box: Ministers of the Church themselves put it, when will burn down the other.

Advice 2 : How to light a candle for the health

Light candles in the temple represents the image of the Divine light. The candle carries the reflection of Jesus Christ as the Light That illuminates the path of any true believer. When a person first comes to the temple and begins to get acquainted with the ecclesiastical institutions, it is often the question arises – how to light a candle in health?
How to light a candle for the health
The question about how all the same correctly to put a candle for health, to comply with Church canons, is actually not entirely true formulated. Special places to establish such candles not provided.
Before you put the candle in the health, ask yourself the question: "What do I want the person about whom you want to pray?" The answer to this question will help you to choose the right icon that you want to put a candle for health.
Do not hesitate to make clarification to the people who serve in the temple. Usually they cordially respond to requests from inexperienced members and will help answer any question. Including explain to you what the icon is in the Church, what Holy and what prayer should apply to your specific case.
For example, for the health of the sick person should pray before the icon of St. Panteleimon known for its healing. But for those who are on the road, it is suitable to put a candle before an icon of St. Nicholas and for him to offer prayer for health.
In the Orthodox Church there is a tradition where candles for the health put in any of the candlesticks, except those that are located on canonem the table and serve for candles that parishioners put on the rest. It should be borne in mind that not every Church is kanuny table, so candles and in health and for the rest you can put in any candle holder. Just what prayers we will make.
The text of the prayer can be:
"Save, o Lord, and have mercy upon my spiritual father (name), my parents (names) of friends and benefactors and all Orthodox Christians"
In this appeal, to the Lord we don't talk about yourself, remembering that everyone who prays for the health of another person will also be rewarded. Separately should be said about the need to pray for his enemies and detractors, as mentioned by Jesus Christ.
There are different prayers for the health, they can be found in the Orthodox "Prayer." Keep in mind that the Church books acquired from a questionable publisher, can be subject to distortion, this also applies to texts of the prayers.

Advice 3 : How to put a candle for the health

In order to light a candle for the health of a loved one, you need to follow a few simple rules concerning Church candles, as well as the General behaviour in the temple.
How to put a candle for the health
Going to the temple, please dress appropriately. The shoulders should be closed (preferably, the sleeve reaches at least to the elbow). Skirt or pants should be long, no shorts allowed. Women should enter the temple with covered heads, and men without headgear. On the lips of women should not be lipstick, because you will need to kiss the icon.
Come to put candles before the service or after its termination, so as not to disturb the order of worship.
Buy candles in the temple, in which to put them. So you make a small donation. However, the cost of the candles does not matter – all of them, even the cheapest, are equally suited for the ritual.
Before you put candles for health, you can put them to the icon symbolizing the Church holiday celebrated on a given day (usually a holiday icon put in the most prominent place). You can also put the candle to the icon depicting the patron Saint of the temple, and then his Holy one (the name of which was baptized).
Candle for the health can be put in any candle before the icon, but not on kanuny table (candle holder square shape with a crucifix) is to put the candles for the dead. Usually candles for the health put before the icon of the Savior, the mother of God or healer Panteleimon.
The candle should be lit from the other candles, standing in candlesticks, not from the lamps. Then you just heat the bottom of the candle to the melted wax, securely fixed a candle in a candlestick.
Putting a candle for the health, you need to mentally refer to the Saint, the icon of which put a candle and ask him to heal someone from the family (or all at once). After saying a prayer you should kiss the icon of the Saint to which you applied.
Remember that you can only burn a candle for the health of the baptized people.

Advice 4 : Where to put candles

Why in Christian churches decided to put a candle? This custom originates in ancient times, when Christianity came to the Roman Empire and brutally persecuted. Then Christians were forced to meet and hold services in secret, in underground quarries (the catacombs). Because there was darkness, people were brought lit candles. In addition to sheer necessity, candles and played a sacred role: they became the symbol of a voluntary gift, the sacrifice which believers bring to God.
Where to put candles
Later, when Christianity had not only ceased to suffer persecution, but also became the dominant religion, the custom is to light candles in the temple survived, becoming a symbol of faith and love to the Creator, to the virgin and all the saints. As explained by the priests, there is no strict, binding rules, where it is and how many candles should be put, by coming to the temple. However, there are some rules. First, it is desirable to put the candle to the icon symbolizing religious holiday that is celebrated on this day. This icon is usually put in the middle of the temple, and it is easily recognized because it is in front of her lit by numerous candles. If you have any doubts, you can ask the priest of any temple worker or parishioner.If people for some reason will not put the first candle for the holiday of the icon, there is no sin. He may first put the spark to other icons or to the relics of St. (of course, if they are it is in this temple). Very often the question arises: where should be put the living and memorial candles? There are some nuances that need to remember. Asking about the health of yourself, your family or someone else, the spark put before the images of the Saviour, our lady, St. Panteleimon the healer. You can also put candles before the images of those saints, which the Savior endowed with the power to help people in some specific circumstances (for example, Saint Nicholas is the patron Saint of sailors). Candle for the repose of the put at the crucifixion, on the eve, that is on a special Desk reserved for this purpose. You can find this easily on your own or to refer the matter to any temple servant or member. It is advisable to come to Church before the service begins to quietly, without disturbing anyone, to put candles. If the service has already started, and in the temple a lot of people – do not squeeze the icons, and tell the candle for those who are standing in front of you, quietly asking for a favor and clarify before exactly how it should stand. Or wait until the end of the service and set yourself.

Advice 5 : How to light a candle in the Church

One of the commandments of the Savior, Moses was to light a lamp with seven candles at each service. The reflection of the candle flame symbolizes divine light, driving away the darkness of ignorance. The lit candle represents repentance and willingness to serve the Lord, love for him and the saints.
How to light a candle in the Church
The tradition to put in the temple candles - the ancient custom filled with divine meaning.

The main rules

The first thing to know: the candle is a small voluntary sacrifice, to acquire and set the icons it needs with an open heart, sincere faith, pure thoughts. Only then the prayer, whether it is said in the Scripture or in your own words, be heard and help will come.

Going to the icon and the candle, need to cross twice with a bow, light a candle and put it in a separate cell of the candlestick. Then follows the prayer to the Holy face contact, again after this sign of the cross with a bow. Candles are placed before images of the Savior, His Mother and other saints to whom they pray.

Come to Church better before the service, to later do not disturb and do not distract other parishioners. To burn the candle you need only from other candles is prohibited the use of matches, lighters, and bring the candles with you. They must be purchased in the temple.

It happens that in the candlestick there are no empty seats, in any case can not be put together two candles. You need to put them in a special box, clergy Relight them after when I'm free of the cell.

Candles are not only from asking, but thanks for the help in something. If the beginning of the services failed to have time to put the plugs need to wait for its completion and then refer to the Holy Ghost, the Lord and mother of God.

Public holidays in churches and temples a lot of people, it's not always possible to personally come to the candlestick. In this case, you can pass a candle to other parishioners and to specify the place where to put it, by sending after the prayer mentally, and crossed himself.

Prayers for the health and for the repose

Praying for the health and well-being for yourself and your family, you should call in prayer the Holy name, the icon who put candles.

For all souls in churches are kononnya tables, usually in the left side of the Church, before the image of the cross. This table can be recognized by a rectangular candlestick with a Crucifix. First you need to put the food in baskets to Church commemorated the deceased with you, then approach the candle. Candles can be set for all or for each. Should be 2 times the sign of the cross, bow bow waist, fused hem a lit candle and put it in the candlestick. The candle needs to stand up straight. After reading the prayer, looking at the candle flame, you will remember the faces and speech of the dead, no need to hold back the tears. Before a leisurely departure from the Holy place should be the sign of the cross and bow once again.

The Church candles you can put in any candle holders, there are temples where there is no canonic tables and put candles in any candleholder, after all, is prayer.

It so happens that people unknowingly messed up the place and put candles for health kanuny on the table, or Vice versa. You do not need much on yourself for this – the Lord is alive.

Candles are placed in the following order: first put candles for the festive icon, which is located in the centre of the Church hall, then to the relics of St. if they are in the temple, then for the health, and for the peace.
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