Advice 1: How to read the prayer for a successful surgery

Any illness knocks man off balance. The disease is severe, associated with surgical intervention, the more it creates a sense of helplessness in the face of fate, makes appeal for help to God.
Confession in the hospital
Any special prayers on the occasion of surgical operation does not exist, but to prepare for such an event, the Christian can and should.

What to bring to the hospital

The Christian should remember that illness is sent by God in order that man might escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and to reflect on the eternal. It should perceive its state. Very often, modern people do not have enough time to read the gospel writings of the Church fathers, other books of spiritual content, to quietly reflect on the reading. The disease provides such an opportunity and we should use it.

Books need to take a short prayer, the gospel or any book of spiritual content, which right now I want to read that anymore. I used to study in detail, but there wasn't time. If man had never confessed, the best choice would be a book explaining how to prepare for confession.

You can take a small icon, for example, a triptych depicting the Saviour and of the mother of God or the icon of his Saint. Thus it is necessary to correctly treat the icon as a sacred object needed for prayer, not as a "talisman" designed "to protect." If to bring to the hospital, the icon was not allowed to worry because this is not: you can pray without it.

What prayers need to read

During the entire stay at the hospital, you should try to follow the normal order: fully read the morning and evening rule of prayer before eating and after it. If the person is not able to read morning and evening prayers in full, or he can't remember them all by heart, and prayer book with me (for example, if the patient is in the intensive care unit), you need to read at least as many prayers as you strong enough, or ones that people remember.

Currently, many hospitals have a relationship with the Orthodox churches: the priests regularly visit the hospital, confess and admit patients, and it must be used. If in the hospital this practice is not, you need to ask family to invite a priest, but confession and communion before the surgery must. In this event, some limitations: the patient does not require fasting before confession and communion, a woman who undergo a surgery can even give communion during menstruation.

You can ask loved ones to pray for the sick – there are special prayer "On the sick". They can also enjoy in the temple prayer for the health.

Before the operation it is necessary not only to read the usual evening prayers, but to pray for the doctors and nurses who will operate and to assist. The morning before the surgery to pray, as usual, and then from time to time to repeat the short prayer: "Lord, have mercy! God bless! Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!"

If the physician insists that the patient at the time of surgery removed the crucifix, do not need to argue, and perhaps that is really necessary. In this case, the cross can be hung on hand.

No need to be like those people who cry out to God when they are hard, and forget about It, once the danger has passed. Released from the hospital, you need to go to the temple to thank the Almighty for healing. While we certainly need to pray for the doctors.

Advice 2: What prayers need to read before confession

The sacrament of confession is an integral part of Christian life. The most common question from those who are preparing for the first time to go to confession: do I need to read before that some prayers? And if so, what?
What prayers need to read before confession
Confession is the bottom of the seven Christian sacraments established by the Savior. He said to the Apostles: "receive the Holy spirit: whoever's sins you forgive, they are forgiven; and whose ye retain, they are retained". In this Sacrament the penitent invisible allowed from their sins.
In the Russian Orthodox Church (in contrast to Serbian, for example) confession mandatory for those who are going to communion. For those who partake rarely, it is still recommended from time to time to confess. And some go to confession, to ease the soul, or to solve some problem. The Holy Orthodox Church, answering the question of what the confession said that the confession is not so much a conversation with the priest, how much communion with God, so to approach it responsibly.
So does this mean that before it you have to read the prayer? First try to understand one more thing.
What is a prayer? It would seem that everything is clear: prayer is a text, reading that, the person turns to God or to the saints. There are mandatory prayers, there are prayers just in case life. All true, except for one "but". The Holy fathers of the Church say that prayer is not only text, but also the dialogue of the heart with God. If not, then the text of the prayer becomes meaningless. Therefore, according to the teachings of the saints, there is no such thing as "obligatory prayer". Is the concept of "desire of the soul to God." And it's not something that you need to perform usually. It must come from a person's desire. After all, Union with God, primarily in his interests.
So, as such obligatory prayers before confession is not (unlike, for example, of the communion that must read a certain rule). However, the confession is so sacred and serious a sacrament in the interest of a person to approach her focused and internally focused. Best of all this can be achieved by turning the heart to God through prayer. Through that prayer, which is the most like person. Or through prayer, with their simple words. You can also read the Jesus prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner". The most important thing in your prayer – whether the prayer according to the prayer book, or prayer in your own words – sincere, a living turning to God with the assurance that prayer will be answered. Then the confession will be no formal transfer of his sins, but the true appeal to God for forgiveness.
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