Pray for the deceased on the morning, when it was six months since the death of a loved one. This should be done at home in front of the icon, a photograph of the deceased and pre-lit candle. Visit the Church before going to the grave. This should be done before the start of the Church service. Put a donation to the Church and buy a candle (required).
Submit a note with the name of the deceased in the appropriate box of the temple by ordering a special ceremony. It is best if you order your remembrance at the offertory. In this case, a special communion bread for the dead take a little piece and later put it in a special bowl of Holy water symbolizing the washing of his sins.
Sludge in the Church Requiem service after the divine Liturgy, putting bought a candle for the repose. It is assumed that prayer is much more effective for the deceased if on the same day itself commemorating communion.
Buy another candle when leaving the Church, to deliver her to the cemetery at the grave of the deceased.

Go to the cemetery immediately after the service in the Church.
Lit the lantern or just a candle, new in the Church. Cover near the graves of a small table with food in order to eat together with the deceased. According to legend it is believed that the spirit of the deceased hovers in the clouds is next. You should also put a few pieces of food on the grave. It is important to observe positions, if any at the time of remembrance.
Let us pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased near the grave. Gather everyone who visited the grave of the deceased and invite home for a memorial table. Food on the table should only be allowed by the Church at the time of remembrance (post – lean, and depending on the day of the week is the remembrance).
Necessary before meals to make to lithium. This can be done by a layperson, reading a prayer, respectively.

Give first before people start eating, the kutia (porridge) made from wheat or rice with raisins and honey.
Start the meal, each time remembering the good deeds and actions of the deceased. It hence the name "Funeral" - means to remember.
Attention! Remembering the deceased should abstain from alcohol, even if the dead liked to drink.