Each of the invited to the christening guests will bring the girl a gift, but not everyone knows what to give in honor of this event child of eighteen months, after all, a gift should not only like the hero of the event, but also conform to the traditions and customs of baptism.

Gift from godparents

The main gift I give, of course, the parents, just not biological, and godparents. The godmother should bring a diaper for baptism, a bonnet or a scarf and a shirt. The godfather gives a chain with a cross and pays for the actual baptism and a reception for invited guests.

Kit for computers you can buy in the store, but more appreciated if the godmother herself will sew or bind the necessary things, and adorned them with ribbons or embroidery. When choosing a gift you need to consider the time of year when baptized child: for the warm time of year will suit light shirt, and a winter christening is better to choose clothes made from flannelette or thick knit. The shirt can embroider the initials of the girls or the phrase "Lord, save and protect". In this case, the clothes will acquire the properties of a talisman.

Towel (or diaper) in which the child is taken to wrap after bathing, it is best to buy a large, it could be a picture of the cross. You can buy a plain plain towel or piece of flannel fabric, and cross stitch. After the baptism towel is not wash and then don't use them. It is carefully stored, as it is believed that this thing will protect a girl from disease.

Clubs who buys the godfather, may not be precious, like a chain. However, in a year and a half baby's skin more tender, so a cross should be worn on a ribbon or lace.

Even at the christening it is accepted to give a silver spoon, which then the child eats. If you make the spoon engraved, it will become a memorable gift and will be archived for years.

Universal gifts

Baptism is like a second birthday of the child, so to give you not only the traditional things, and others like all little girls.

If you are not the godfather or the mother of the baby, give the girl the icon with the face of a Saint or the patron of a children's Bible. These gifts from childhood will attach the child to the Church.

A wonderful gift for years to come will be an album or a panel with photos of the christening. When the girl grows up, she'll review the recording of the important events of his life.

Cash contributions or open account in the name of girls also will not become redundant when she grows up.

And, of course, you can please baby soft toys, dolls, beautiful dresses, jewelry – all, that is the heart of the little Charmer.

The choice of christening gift is limited only by your budget or imagination. Most importantly, this gift was bought with a clear mind and wishes of good and happiness.