It does not matter where you buy the cross. It can be and shop at the Church, and a jewelry shop and workshop where you will make it to order. Most importantly, the people who made the cross, took the tradition of the Church.
Metal crucifix can also vary. Suitable gold, silver and other alloys.
The attribute form of the Christian faith is constantly changing. Hence numerous options crosses: eight-pointed, seven-pointed, six-pointed, four-pointed, four-pointed teardrop-shaped, trefoil. The form of the cross you can also choose in its sole discretion. In this connection it is appropriate to quote the words of Dmitry of Rostov, a priest: "Not by the number of trees, not on the number of ends of the Cross of Christ is honored by us, but by Christ himself, the Holy blood Which stained. Manifesting the miraculous power, a Cross is not itself valid, but by the power of Christ crucified upon it, and the invocation of the blessed His name."
In the selection of an Orthodox crucifix, it should be remembered that there is a difference from the Catholic. Catholics wear crosses with image of Jesus Christ on the cross, the doomed people on the flour. If you still decided to buy this crucifix, then it is advisable to spread the Savior's hands were straight and not SAG, the legs must not be crossed, must be nailed, not one nail, and two, there should be crown of thorns, and must necessarily be no other anatomical features.
On some crosses placed the inscription "Save and protect" or "most Holy Theotokos, help us." They are not required, but is not contraindicated.
There is a superstition that you can not wear donated or found crucifix. This is not so. It can sanctify and easily carry yourself.