The godparents, otherwise referred to as godfather, should be direct participants in the sacrament of baptism of children under seven years of age (infants). The participation of godparents in the rite means more responsibility and imposes certain obligations relating to the upbringing of the child in the Orthodox faith.

In Orthodox culture it is customary to give gifts on the day of baptism of their godchildren and brestnitza. Sometimes in adults, the question may arise, what to choose as a gift. It is worth considering that the day of the christening, first of all, the feast of the Holy, the spiritual. Therefore, the gift should correspond to the Orthodox culture and life of the person who joined the Church.

This files most often as a gift to the godchildren (Brestnica) choose the icon. Holy image can display the face of the Savior (if you accept the baptism of the boy or the face of the Mother of God (at the baptism of girls). Also, a common tradition of gift personalized icon Holy. So if godson's name is Sergey, it is important to present the newly minted Christian (or his parents if the child is still nursing baby) the image of St. Sergius of Radonezh or another warrior with the same name, the memory of which falls first after the sacrament.

Sometimes godchildren and Brestnica give crosses. It is worth considering that for a child it is necessary to choose a small crucifix. It is important that the cross was made in the Orthodox canons and consecrated in the temple. If the crucifixion is purchased in a jewelry store, you must sanctify the symbol of the victory of Christianity in the Church.

If the child already knows how to read, then a christening can give a children's Bible or God's Law (family and school). The reading of sacred Scripture is especially helpful to newly-Orthodox person. In addition, the gift can be presented to a children's prayer book.

Adult godchildren (vospriimchivosti Mature people as well) can give spiritual literature to more serious content. This should include creations of the saints, collections of sermons of famous theologians and pastors, commentaries on the Holy Scripture. If a person doesn't have a Bible, this "book of books" will be a great gift.

If a man loves spiritual music, it is quite logical presentation for a gift of any audio products dedicated to the spiritual chants.

The adult godchildren can give Orthodox medallions, amulets, and other relics, which along with the crucifixion on the body.