First of all, you need to decide whether you were willing and able to work in the children's garden. It is necessary to examine the proposed job. This can be done by looking through the want ads in the local press, running line, and also using the services of the employment service. Specialists will render assistance in selecting suitable job, focusing on your education, experience and the area in which you live.
So, you have found what you were looking for. The next step is an interview with the head of the kindergarten. To do this, prepare a portfolio or resume. Be prepared for the fact that wages in the children's garden is small. Even taking into account the future qualification, it will be more than modest. In an interview with the head show a willingness to learn and work. Pay attention to your qualities such as patience, tolerance, the ability to find approach to children, and adults. Also, the staff is valued, high efficiency. Surely the head will warn you about the possibility of substitution during the absence of someone from the staff (relevant qualifications).
After a successful interview you will be asked to undergo a medical examination, which is mandatory for all employees of the preschool. Inspection will be made at your expense, save all receipts. Later you will reimburse the cost. In addition, you will be required to complete the sanitary minimum. This training with a further examination in hygiene and sanitary standards.
In addition, you it is better to get acquainted with the national curriculum for kindergarten. In the future it will save you working hours. Starting to work you will need to apply the received knowledge in practice.