You will need
  • - medical book.
To get a job as a assistant teacher, pedagogical education is not necessary. Of course, it is an advantage but not a prerequisite employment. The assistant teacher is, in fact, a nurse, whose duties included cleaning, catering, linen change, etc. Therefore, work is with secondary, incomplete higher or secondary higher education.
Obligatory condition of joining the assistant teacher is the presence of medical books. It can be drawn in the clinic by place of residence. For this you will need to pass the doctors on the list, as well as pass various tests. In addition, there are chronic diseases in which the work of the assistant teacher is impossible. It's TB, a variety of psychiatric disorders, in some cases heart disease. The exact list can be found in the district Office of education.
To search for jobs of assistant teacher is best at the district labour exchange. It is there primarily attracts job offers in government organizations. Many exchanges now have sites where several times a month fresh jobs are posted. If the website not, have independently come to the inspector and ask if there are any suggestions.
The staff of the district education Department is always aware of the needs of the surrounding kindergartens. Therefore, the announcement of the recruitment of teacher assistants can be placed on information boards of this organization. They can also be present on the site, if any.
You can learn about vacancies, talking with heads of preschool educational institutions. Often ads about vacancies hanging on the gates and fences of kindergartens.
The easiest way to get a job in not the most popular kindergarten. The fact that in elite gardens, or in those where classes are held for new techniques, teacher assistants often take mothers who dream that their children in this preschool institution. Shortage of staff in these kindergartens usually does not happen.
When applying for a job, you will need to bring labor and medical books. And before the first job is to pass additional tests of urine and feces, to obtain the results in his hands, and bring their nurse or the head.