The types of anemia

Deficiency of this trace element in blood, like iron, is considered the most frequently observed pathological condition, when the depleted existing stocks. Doctors distinguish patients with iron deficiency anemia, which is expressed in violation the production of hemoglobin, as well as some latent lack of this element. When it significantly reduced the blood content of the metal at favorable rates of hemoglobin. Found the deficit only transport iron, and placenta stage, when there is a lack of backup iron.

Such a deficiency may cause malfunction of the human body. Approximately seventy percent of the total amount of iron needed for the "production" of hemoglobin. Proceeding from this it follows that iron plays an important role in the nutrition of organs and tissues, as well as the entire system of the human body.

The risk of iron deficiency

Permanent loss of this trace mineral can lead to appearance of anemia. When such a deficit is gaining a permanent trend, it always leads to deterioration of health and to the emergence of chronic diseases. The outward manifestations of the deficiency of the element in the body are dry skin, stomatitis, shortness of breath, brittle hair and nails, tachycardia, hypotonia of muscles, unstable stool, lethargy, constant feeling of coldness in the extremities, loss of taste and loss of appetite, frequent colds, reduced tone, emotional disorder of the digestive tract, the blue color of the lips.

The causes of these shortages can manifest in the form of heavy bleeding due to injuries, and permanent nasal bleeding, severe bleeding gums and heavy menstruation. The main reason for this state becomes the wrong diet when the food is not doing the necessary macro - and micronutrients.

Harm of vegetarianism

People who observe mono, for example, dairy and also vegetarians, almost receive less iron from food. A sufficient amount of this substance is red meat and of course seafood. Also worth mentioning that fruits and vegetables supply the iron in the body, but, alas, in small quantities. Besides, one should not overlook the fact that this trace element is poorly absorbed by the body - only ten percent.

Iron deficiency also leads to weakness and fatigue, reduced work capacity, as well as constant sleepiness, exacerbation of gastritis and other ailments. When a person begins to feel something strange in this respect - there is reason to think about the saturation of blood iron.