Signs of low hemoglobin levels

Anaemia, or anemia, almost has specific characteristics on which it would be possible to draw a conclusion on the decrease in quantity of hemoglobin. Manifestations of pathological conditions usually appear when the hemoglobin level falls very much, until this individual can feel normal and no symptoms of anemia, not to ignore or take them for the usual fatigue, seasonal depression, asthenia after illness.

The first sign of a decrease in haemoglobin levels to fatigue, feeling of faintness and weakness. Physical stresses are transferred very poorly, it becomes difficult to concentrate, you may have headaches, insomnia, heart palpitation. In advanced cases, patients suffer from syncope, marked low blood pressure, cold hands and feet.

If time is not taken, begins to suffer appearance: pale skin and mucous membranes in the corners of the mouth may appear cracks (zaedy), skin dry and scaly. Patients with anemia often suffer from hair loss diffuse alopecia. The nails become thinner, covered with longitudinal grooves and with a significant reduction in hemoglobin levels can take a concave shape.
Also the reduction in hemoglobin may occur in the addiction to sweet foods.

In some cases, lowering the level of hemoglobin appears as a perversion of taste and smell: sick aim are by-products (raw dough, dried pasta) or inedible items (chalk, earth, coal, ice), they like to inhale the scents that are generally considered unpleasant (fumes of paint, gasoline, nail Polish).

Reasons for the decline in hemoglobin level

For the normal functioning of tissues and organs in the blood must be maintained a certain level of hemoglobin. In women the average is from 120 to 140 g/l, in men - from 130 to 160 g/l If the hemoglobin content significantly reduced, it is necessary to find the reason why the composition of the blood changed.

The hemoglobin may be reduced if food isn't getting enough iron, or if it is poorly absorbed. This may occur when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, after operations on the small intestine, and malnutrition. Especially often suffer from anemia vegetarians, because iron from plant foods is poorly absorbed, and women are often "sitting" on a diet.
A decreased level of hemoglobin is characteristic of pregnant women in the body which increases blood volume, in addition, a lot of iron is required for the growing baby.

The specific reason of lowering of the hemoglobin level is determined by the physician, he selects the appropriate treatment or helping to adjust the power.