In urgent situations when you need a rapid replenishment of blood loss, for example, in trauma, perform intravenous administration of different preparations – saline solution, poliglyukina, reopoliglyukina, glucose, etc. then, in the hospital, a person transfused erythrocyte mass, plasma and preparations of blood or do a direct transfusion of the blood donor, depending on medical indications.
If the blood loss is small, to compensate for the deficiency of red blood cells and hemoglobin possible with injections of iron preparations, which are 3-4 times speed up the production of red blood cells in the body, as well as use of drugs such as sulfate or iron gluconate, vitamin complexes containing this component.
Water consumption in this case should be a bit more of the daily value – at least 2.2 liters per day.
To improve the structure and increase the number of blood drink every day a glass of red wine.
In the process of hematopoiesis, the important role played by proteins, so try to increase in your diet consumption of beef, dairy products, fish, beans. To increase hemoglobin levels, increase your consumption of offal (liver, kidney, tongue), buckwheat, beans, peas, chocolate, blueberry, beets, carrots, apricots, pomegranates – these products contain the highest amount of iron. A lot of it is also in beef, lamb, rabbit meat, eggs, oatmeal, millet, apples, pears, persimmon, spinach, nuts.
Remember that reduce the absorption of iron foods rich in calcium, so if you have low hemoglobin, refrain from milk and dairy products. If for some reason it is impossible, divide the intake of food containing iron and calcium at the time. Eliminate from your diet also tea and coffee, bakery products, which reduce the absorption of iron.
To increase the hemoglobin, add in your daily menu foods containing vitamin C – tomato and orange juices, lemons, cabbage pickle, onion, greens and sweet pepper.
Except iron, for the formation of red blood cells need vitamin B12. You can find it in the vitamin complexes and energy drinks, as well as in the liver. In building of red blood cells is also involved folic acid. Its content in the body can be replenished, using drugs or fresh fruits and vegetables, especially corn, black currants, parsley, tomatoes, kiwi, cranberries.