Causes of low hemoglobin

Norma hemoglobin in the blood is: men - 130-160 g per litre of blood in women 120-147 g/l in pregnant women is not less than 110 g / l lowering of its level is necessary to investigate the cause of the pathological state. This could be adherence to a vegetarian diet, nutrition, unbalanced in the vitamin-mineral composition, apparent and hidden blood loss. To the obvious blood loss include visible bleeding, for example, long-term (more than 5 days) and heavy periods, bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding gums, blood loss during operations, injuries.

Hidden blood loss are a symptom of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Cause of low hemoglobin are the processes leading to the destruction of red blood cells or reduce life expectancy: infectious, autoimmune diseases, hereditary pathology. Anemia can develop as a result of systematic blood donation.

The effects of low hemoglobin

Low hemoglobin manifested by the following symptoms: fatigue, General weakness, drowsiness, dizziness, low blood pressure, palpitations, in severe cases, there fainting. In patients with hair fall out, skin becomes dry, cracks appear in the corners of the mouth, the nails are brittle, flaking, thinning, appear disorders of smell and taste, slightly increased body temperature (in the range of 37-37. 5 ° C). Patients with anemia have a characteristic appearance: pale skin and visible mucous membranes, and painful, bright red tongue. In some cases, the skin becoming jaundiced.

Anemia is often a symptom of many diseases, its consequences are very sad. In humans reduced immunity, increases the risk of infectious diseases, congestive heart failure, there are negative changes in the organs and tissues, the nervous system suffers. In children, stunting and mental development, decreased concentration, there is the impoverishment of the emotional sphere. Low hemoglobin in pregnant women has a negative impact on the child, if you do not take any measures, the fetus will not get enough food and will stop the development or significantly slow this down. In this case, there fetal hypoxia (changes in his body due to lack of oxygen), it threatens with development disorders of the nervous system, atrophy of organs and muscles.