Iron deficiency anemia often develops when a vegetarian diet. This is due to the fact that vegetable dishes iron is absorbed only 5%. Even regular consumption of apples rich in much-needed micronutrients that are not able to make up for its deficiency in the body. Much better absorbed by the iron contained in meat, so in the diet include beef and beef liver. Not less useful and fish. Buckwheat and rye bread are also valuable sources of iron.
Take ascorbic acid and vitamins of group B. They are necessary for the successful assimilation of iron. If you have a negative attitude towards pharmacy drugs eat foods containing the necessary nutrients, such as fruits, nuts, whole grain cereals.
Often a deficiency of iron occurs in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Pass the examination, and the detection of pathology — treatment. As the recovery of the level of iron in the blood will rise on their own.
In marked deficiency of iron take pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of anemia. These include "Aflubin", "Perlatum", "Totem", "Activeren", "Headache", and many others. As a rule, to increase the level of iron is required not less than a month, however, the treatment must be continued to avoid re-reduction of hemoglobin.
To increase the level of iron useful herbal teas and decoctions. Prepare a healthy drink of strawberry leaves (proportions are arbitrary). Drink it several times a day for a month. To improve taste of tea and improve the treatment add a Cup teaspoon of currant juice.
With the progressive reduction of the level of iron in blood refer to hematologist. In some cases, the cause is a serious disease whose treatment is only possible in a hospital environment.