About the lack of iron in the body can testify to such symptoms as pallor and dry skin, brittle hair and nails, cyanotic hue of the lips, poor appetite and constant lethargy. In General, iron deficiency is quite common. However, there are reliable ways of dealing with this problem.
Per day the human body must obtain just one and a half milligrams of iron. However, the problem lies in the fact that the total ironentering the body from food, absorbed more than 10%. In addition, some substances, such as calcium, and does hinder the absorption of iron. So if you combine iron-rich foods with dairy products, the result of this diet will be zero. You should also not drink a lot of tea or coffee during the meal and immediately after it. On the contrary, it is very helpful to drink iron-containing foods orange juice or combine it with other products that contain vitamin C. This vitamin helps iron to be absorbed.
A large amount of iron is contained in red beets, grenades (and therefore in pomegranate juice), red grapes and red meat and also meat products such as kidneys, liver and tongue. In addition, the iron present in egg yolks, nuts and beans. Apples and chocolate also have a high content of this substance, however, of these products are poorly absorbed iron.
In iron deficiency are well advised to take red wine, which helps fill the lack of iron and the renewal of blood cells. However, doses should be moderate – no more than half glass once a day during meal. In addition, to cope with iron deficiency you will help the drugs such as feroglobin or acyclovir.