Signs and symptoms low hemoglobin

How can I determine what the concentration of reduced hemoglobin? First of all, you need to pay attention to the presence of the following depressive symptoms:
- feeling of General weakness;
- quick fatigue and tiredness;
- lack of appetite;
- apathy;
- drowsiness;
- dizziness;
- nausea;
- reduced arterial pressure;
- disorders of heart rate and blood pressure.
In severe cases, those suffering from anemia can happen fainting.

When a low hemoglobin is due to iron deficiency in the body, there is a degenerative symptoms:
in the corners of the mouth cracks are formed;
- the skin is dry;
- hair and nails become brittle;
- the hair falls out and grow back slowly;
- possible violations of taste and smell.

These signs indicate that you most likely reduced the level of hemoglobin. To check this, you should contact a therapist who will give you a referral for a blood test.

How to determine the level of hemoglobin in the blood

To see the actual level of hemoglobin in blood using the blood test. After that you will be able to use data that can be compared with the norms established by the medicine.
In the first days after a heavy menses hemoglobin can be reduced, and therefore women blood generally recommended to take or in the middle, or the end of the menstrual cycle.

Normal hemoglobin level is considered to be:
- boys and men – 135-165 g/l;
- girls and women 120-150 g/l;
- pregnant women - not below 110 g/l;
- children – 120-140 g/l;

If the blood tests show that your haemoglobin level is lowered, consult a doctor and start changing your lifestyle. Thus special attention should be paid to their nutrition.

How to increase hemoglobin level?

Start to eat healthy products, which will raise hemoglobin levels and improve overall health. You have on the table must be present: barley, oats, buckwheat cereals, beans, peas, and beans. In addition, every day eat 1 bunch of greens.

To raise the level of hemoglobin is very useful to take in sprouted seedlings, especially the young wheat and lentils. To improve health will help of beet, carrot, pumpkin and Apple juice. Equally useful, eggplant, pumpkin, radish, black radish and pepper. In addition, it is recommended every day to eat 100 g of dried fruit - dates, prunes, dried apricots, which have a lot of minerals.

Monitor hemoglobin, it is especially important during pregnancy. Women in the position is useful every day to eat 2 tablespoons of honey. If possible, you can eat caviar. It is able to significantly raise hemoglobin even for one day.

Definitely every day use grenades, you can make them freshly squeezed juice. Although some iron, useful for haemoglobin, but this trace mineral is completely absorbed by the body. No harm will drink instead of tea infusion from rose hips, it contains large amounts of iron and vitamin C.