There is a contingent of students, who after the transition to high school, are beginning to attend courses on subjects required for admission in the selected Institute or University. Typically, each higher institution at the present time has its own base of additional courses for preparation of admission to College, and it does not matter where plans to enroll a prospective student.

Was formerly practised, that those applicants who planned to enroll in College, where he attended courses without exams easily arrive at the desired faculty. Over time, however, everything changed. Now the one who was trained in extra courses has exactly the same chance, enjoyed by the rest of the applicants. But we should not belittle the benefits of training, since they provide extensive knowledge, which with some effort will help to enter and increase the chances of the applicant.

As for the programs, from each institution of higher education and, as a rule, each institution develops such classes under their standards. What is considered normal and proper distribution program in one institution does not mean that in another is governed by the same rules and regulations.

Preparatory courses serve as additional development of the future student, as well as "tighten" it up to the necessary level, so he managed to score a passing grade and become a full student. After all, in preparation for entry to higher education need to have not only school level knowledge, but also to go beyond.

Only through additional development and training applicant reaches the goal and becomes the new level that gives him extra training. But we should be careful and use mental workload with the mind as with full concentration only on thought processes, can significantly undermine the health and psyche. In order to avoid such negative consequences, is to combine sports and mental activity.