Not all parents agree that studying at the lycée definitely need 1 class. Burden on the child in such schools is very large, which could undermine his health and desire to gain knowledge. So often parents give children in middle or even high school Lyceum. For admission to this type of school future his pupils will have to pass a series of tests.
For a start, it should be noted that the Lyceum has a mathematical, physical or natural science, not a Humanities bias. Schools with a Humanities bias are called gymnasiums. Therefore, before identifying a child at high school look at their preferences in school subjects – if he loves physics and math, given to him chemistry and biology. If that's all right – choose the right school that fits the location, form of education, cost, and other characteristics.
To transfer to the high school pupil will need to have good success in various school subjects and the high average score of all evaluations. As a rule, in the first place when you receive the documents, it is estimated the value of the average score, so if this score is low, the pupil may be denied to the following tests.
In addition, high schools can be assessed and personal merit of the student in different subjects, his participation in the Olympic games, school conferences, and academic competitions. Such services and activity of the students really love and appreciate from the teacher. If the child is the winner of district, regional, or national academic competitions, he has the right to act in the Lyceum out of the competition.
Set in many high schools is so great that they opened the contest just for entering 1, 5 or 10 classes. But it is not a hard rule, so you can learn in a particular school, do they have a place in another class. As a rule, the documents for the admission to the Lyceum begin to take in late April or in may, when it becomes clear how many students are required to enroll in the new school year.
Entrance tests are conducted in different forms depending on the specificity and focus of the Lyceum. So, for students entering middle school need to write a test in mathematics and dictation on the Russian language. For ninth graders wishing to continue their education in high school with grade 10, you will need a GIA certificate with grades in mathematics, Russian language and core subjects of the school or class in which the student enters. Also, he is likely to be invited to write the test paper on a particular subject in the school. The list of entrance tests are determined by the management of each independently of the Lyceum, therefore, to clarify the conditions of admission need at a specific school.
To study at the Lyceum difficult, especially at first, when the student goes there after secondary school. So you need to prepare your child to take responsibility for learning in his new school. Because of the success of each student in the high schools follow rather strictly. And if the average score of the child drops below a certain point, a student can even ask to change school.