Select and prepare the room

And the celebrant, and the guests, very likely, reached the peak of his career, so to celebrate the anniversary need in the restaurant or in the cafe under the open sky. If there is a possibility of delivery of the house, you can celebrate this day and in nature. Just remember that guests will need to bring and nature. The closest people can meet in the sauna. The 45th anniversary of the women's room can be made into a feminine and elegant style.

As decorations use flowers, greeting posters, photos of the guest of honor and her family (husband, children). Almost all women love flowers, so the celebrant will surely be pleased a huge number of flower bouquets placed around the room. A business woman like posters with images symbolizing her career, a caring mother will have heart pictures of their own children.

The organization of the holiday

45-year-old woman doesn't like surprises in the form of unexpected guests, so you need to prepare the guest list and approve it the hero of the day. Approving the list, you can send electronic or paper greeting cards for all guests. Also, consider the music program. If the anniversary will be attended by guests of different ages, then you need to consider accommodation for children, youth, adults and the elderly.

Begins anniversary celebration with devoted to the birthday toast. Then followed congratulations from the guests to give gifts. During the evening the host can tell you about the main events in the life of the hero of the day. Since not all 45-year-old ladies love to someone in detail describe their lives to outsiders, the event list should be endorsed (or corrected) the hero of the occasion.


Dance competition for all. In the middle of the room facing everyone. Sounds a potpourri of music from different Zharov: Gipsy, tap, Russian folk music, rock, rock-n-roll. Genres should replace each other every 10-15 seconds. The task is to have time to readjust and time to start to dance to the right music. The winner chooses the hero of the day.

"Apple" - almost harmless and funny contest, participants can be children. In the middle of the room are two of the pelvis, in each of the cans filled with water and lowered on four apples. Before the two volunteers the task: to get apples from the cans, without using hands. For purity of experiment the hands of the volunteers communicate. The contestants kneel in front of the pots and trying to get apples with their mouth. Who first gets the Apple, receives a prize from the birthday girl.