No. 1. The parachute jump. If your wife is a real adventurer, fearless and absolutely "crazy" in the best sense of the word, give her something extreme. If she likes tall and always dreamed to jump with a parachute - the gift she will appreciate.

No. 2. Beer elite varieties. For gourmets and connoisseurs of this drink, it will be useful to get a free bottle of elite beer. If she's really with closed eyes to distinguish a beer from Bavaria, and some from Vienna - she will like that you were not commonplace when choosing a gift and, above all, took into account its interests.

No. 3. Automotive accessory. If the girl is resistant the motorist, and sometimes it seems that he loves his car even more than you, give her a creative gift that is associated with its machine. This can be a new stylish seat covers with cherries or braid on the steering wheel with lace.

No. 4. An unusual pet. You can, of course, to give a kitten or puppy, but that's too easy. But the pygmy pig or a home Python is quite another matter! If a girl says no the first time about how dreams of home belly and avidly watching all the programs about pigs, snakes, tarantulas, shouting, "How nice!", she will like the unusual pet.

No. 5. Items for hobby. Each of us needs to be creative or sports relief. Give the gift of an easel and paint. Now let them create their picture. She loves an active lifestyle - we will offer to master a new sport - bike, roller, skate, snowboard - great gifts for the restless lady!