First of all, pay attention to the Hobbies of the celebrant. If something is collecting, why not put the best specimens of his collection under glass and not to present to the audience. If the celebrant is the photographer – the best and favorite shots. If writes poems or composes music, be sure to let somewhere in halle there are books with his works or is a tool that the celebrant could sing my own song. Many colleagues and friends it will open in a new way.
Make the original newspaper for the celebrant. When making try to avoid the typical approach when glued photos of the celebrant with a funny captions. Go to design the case with fiction. Attach your photo collages with flowers in their hands, and in the middle of each flower is a wish for the celebrant. You can title the paper "locomotive life", and every trailer is a vital milestone plaque. Or make a newspaper tree with leaves, which during the evening the guests can write wishes.
If the anniversary of a women, take care of a large number of vases or containers for flowers, because, as a rule, guests come with flowers, give them and the flowers in beautiful vases at the corners of the roomand themselves become its embellishment.
Pre-order your comic portrait-caricature of the guest of honor and hang it in front of a festive table. And just below the banner – "happy anniversary!".
If the celebrant several grandchildren, one of adorn the walls of children's drawings, painted especially for the anniversary and reflecting on the life of a grandparent. Many would be interested to see them with a child's eyes.