Mandatory assign responsibility for each part of the holiday festivities. For meeting guests, slide show, light, sound, management of the festival needs to meet some people. And do not even try to combine all these functions in one person. Things still will not work, and the celebration will be blurred.
Prepare invitations. A huge number of options. It can be an invitation and a poster. This type is suitable for firms when the celebration invite of all employees. An invitation is not written on a simple form, as, for example, sheet rolled in the manner of a scroll. There is a "wax" seal, cut from colored paper. You can place an invitation in the form of masks, paintings or flower in Japanese style (letters in this case are styled under characters). And you can send them a videocassette with the recorded prompt. This type is more suitable for those guests who live far away. There is an opportunity to tie the invitation to a balloon, inflated with helium and hand in this form to the hotel.
The decoration of the room where you plan to spend the anniversary, attracting professional designers and the audience will really receive unique and elegant. His forces make several stands with different photo.
Make a script of the anniversary evening. The notion of jubilee is associated with the round date and anniversary ending in the number five. They differ not only in age of the celebrant, but also composition, and a contingent of invited guests, and richness of the festive program. So anniversaries come in large, medium and small. If you charted the average anniversary, you need to remember that it does not include the official part. It is composed of: festive feast, entertainment and dancing. A little anniversary consists of only one part of the festive feast.
If you are planning a big anniversary, consider the official part. Congratulate the hero of the day as something special, for example, sing all together the song specially composed in honour of the hero of the occasion. Also on the anniversary it is impossible to do without a card written in verse form. You can write it yourself, and you can use various collections of congratulations.
Prepare in advance and hand the celebrant a humorous degree. It is known that they still give at the completion of training in any school and pass the school of life – not to go. In a fancy diploma on which to show off the numbers of the corresponding age, may include a characteristic of the personal qualities of the celebrant, the assessment of his work, thanks. The celebrant will be happy if his merits are well documented.
Then start the festive Banquet, during which words of congratulations and toasts in honor of the jubilee. Before the active part of the celebration, you can still spend a little "warm-up". All the guests take turns to speak a compliment to the guest of honor. The compliment must be all different, but the beginning of the same phrase: "Our hero of the day...". If someone could come up with a new compliment, he is toast.
Now, when the guests have warmed up, you can offer them a fun outdoor games and competitions. And ends with the anniversary dance. For this purpose, you can invite DJ. Discuss in advance the repertoire, clothing artists, will songs, booked guests, paid separately.
If possible, invite to work: artists original genre;- mimics;- show ballet; dancers erotic dance;- folk songs;- artist-cartoonist.
Don't forget to book a videographer and photographer that will help keep all unique items a fun celebration.