You will need
  • - questions to quizzes;
  • - a children's tale;
  • - hat.
Think that your loved ones know you? Check it out, and at the same time and to amuse their guests. Make up the questions (or think of them during the holiday), concerning your appearance, character, preferences. Tasks can be elementary. Ask about your favorite subject in school, the shade that you prefer in clothing. There is a chance that some of the participants will be able to discourage even the question of what color your eyes are. The winner of the quiz hand a symbolic prize.
Of course, guests can take turns to share stories about how they first met the birthday boy, but most likely, you and your family and so it is known. Encourage guests to be creative and come up with a new memory about how you met. For this task use any time, situation and era – it all depends on the imagination of your relatives and friends.
Many companies love to spend time playing charades. Select host, which is using gestures to show he intended the word or phrase. Other players need to guess what was encrypted with the waving hands and funny antics. The person who gave the correct answer, he becomes the master. This game is able to amuse both young and older generation.
Put an improvised performance. As a scenario it is better to use all well-known children's book. Distribute the roles of guests, and use this "live" characters, but also objects and phenomena. Start reading the tale, and the actors, hearing the name of their hero, let them come on stage and depict the action. Princess can walk on the edge, butterfly – fluttering, river – running, and the wind was blowing. Pick up every funny role.
Fanta is another popular game companies. Assign a moderator who will collect "tribute" from other players – rings, bracelets, watches, cufflinks or any other small objects belonging to them. Treasures of the fold in the hat. Select a volunteer who will assign tasks. The facilitator should pull out of the hat on one thing so that a delegated volunteer did not see them, and ask what should be done by the owner of the Fanta, and participants in the game should be run, they dropped out of the job. Try to remember about all the guests and not force grandma to climb on the wardrobe to crow there.