Advice 1: 10 competitions to favourites

Funny competitions will enhance any birthday, making it fun and memorable for all guests! Take care of your leisure and entertainment in advance, thinking through every detail! I will be happy to help you!

For this contest you will need apples and a bowl of water. Several participants face the center of the room. They tied my hands behind my back, asked to kneel down and try to catch the apples from the basin mouth. Wins the one who first will be able to do it.
Like chicken scratch

The participants think of the phrase, it doesn't need to hear the rest. Hand them the markers and asked to write the phrase legs. Guests will be required to read and evaluate one of the participants wrote clearer.
Guess the voice

The competition must involve a fairly large number of people. The participants stand in a circle, and put one in the center and tie his eyes. Each in turn says a word or phrase, and sitting in the center of the circle have to guess who owns the voice.
If guesses, he becomes a participant, and the one who uttered the phrase, sits in his place. Voices can be changed,so it will be interesting.

For the competition needs a couple consisting of a boy and a girl. They sit on chairs, backs facing one another. The pair is blindfolded and the chairs put under the rope. Participants are blindfolded must find the ends of the rope and to pull on them.

For the contest you will need an even number of people, all must split into two teams. When an odd number of people someone can become a lead. Each team receives a stack of paper. At a distance of twenty meters from the commands sets the basket. Each participant must crumple a sheet of paper so it was like a snowball, and throw it in the trash. After throwing the party takes place at the end of the line, gives way to the next player. The winner is the team which scored the greater number of snowballs into the basket.
Candles and apples

To the competition, you need to call two people who will serve him the main characters. They sit on opposite sides of a small table and lit the candle. Put them on the table. Next, the players handed the apples, they should eat while burn the candle or faster. The point is that every player should obstruct an opponent that is trying to blow out a candle, but at the same time your Apple and see to it that his candle was burning, constantly burning it. The one who will eat the Apple, will be the winner.

It often happens that the guest is difficult to think of a greeting, so the contest may be more useful. Participants must come up with a birthday greeting to each next letter of the alphabet. First, of course, will be the letter "a".
Find me a gift

This contest is important to the birthday. For it will take you ten notes, each of which will be written, where is the next one. And only the last it will be possible to know where the gift. The main advantages of this competition: it is dynamic, and the owner-driver in the finals receives a gift. The inscription in the notes should be as interesting, and the hint is encrypted.
Dancing on the newspaper

For the contest you will need newspaper and several pairs. Unfold the newspaper on the floor and include a fun music. Young couples must dance on the newspaper spread out until, until the end of the song. However, they must not step over the edge. Otherwise, the pair is eliminated. After some time the newspaper will not absorb liquid and will decrease several times, which makes the process more interesting and more fun.
Put another

For competition you need an even number of participants and one facilitator. Participants are divided into two equal groups. Players from the first group is blindfolded and handed a package with various items of clothing, and the rest are seated on chairs. The task blindfolded - dress sitting players. Every player on the chair is assigned one "clothing". Guests at the end must evaluate, who dressed as.

Advice 2 : How to arrange a birthday party in 11 years

Day birthday is a special day for each child. It should always be bright, cheerful and memorable. The memory of childhood is the most bright and good feeling that people will carry in their memories across adulthood. The choice of scenario and location of children depends not only on the financial possibilities of the parents. To organize a children's holiday is not difficult. It does not have to exert much effort. After all, what children need is a friends with whom you can play fun games, festive atmosphere and sweets as treats.
How to arrange a birthday party in 11 years
Before you organize a holiday, you need to talk to the child and to decide which friends he would like to see on your Day of birth. Then make a guest list and prepare invitations for them. They need to be sent well in advance, this is best done a week before the holiday.
Highlight for the celebration of the birth of one room in the apartment, which will host the celebration. With your child decorate it with balloons, flags, posters and garlands of congratulations. Hang balloons on the walls, Windows and scatter on the floor. Make each guest a party hat.
Prepare various competitions, games and activities. Choosing a script for a holiday, consider the number of guests and their age. In competitions have to be involved every child.
Pre-read the special literature about the features of various events for children of a certain age. Do whatever it takes to make every guest had a good time at the celebration of your child.
Take care of the musical accompaniment. Free in room space for competitions and dancing. Remove all fragile items that are easily breakable.
Table for children's holiday should be enjoyed as vividly as possible. Pick a beautiful tablecloth, dishes and napkins. Colorful paper or plastic plates create a unique holiday atmosphere.
The menu plan should focus on maximum simplicity. Decorate the table with fruits, sweets. Make light sandwiches and a few salads. Stock up on juices or fruit drinks.
Cake is the culmination of the festival. Surprise kids its unusual size or shape. Cake you can bake yourself or buy at the store. It is very important to decorate it with colorful candles and solemnly make the room in the midst of the holiday.
Useful advice
Put the furniture blanket to her children accidentally stained during the holiday.

Advice 3 : How to spend a birthday of 12 years

In 12 years the child is already a teenager. Therefore children's entertainment for birthday will not work. You can enable the program interesting contests for teenagers and do not forget to make meals and table appropriately.
Day of birth - 12 years
You will need
  • - flowers, balloons, garland for decoration;
  • - tape, paper, pencils for competitions;
  • - a laptop for entertainment.
Buy beautiful paper table cloth and disposable tableware to match. Then after the holiday don't have to wash mountains of dishes and wash the tablecloth. Put on the table a few small bouquets, decorate the wall with balloons, garland with words of congratulations for 12 years. The festive decoration ready.
If the birthday girl – a young lady, start the evening with a fun "edible" contest. Distribute the assembled blanks for canapés consist of a bread, cheese, ham. Also needed olives, grapes, greens, skewers for canapés.
It is interesting to observe the fruits of your labors, which are delicious and fun. Nice to eat these original mini-sandwiches. Salads, hot also decorate accordingly.
If the birthday – boy, then make some salads so that they reflect their interests. He loves music? Prepare the salad and place it in the form of a Grand piano. Of slices of cheese and black olives make a light and dark keys.
If he enjoys computers, then bake him and cake that resembles a real laptop. Such a reality will help to achieve a sweet paste. With the help of her decorate the cake with flowers, if celebrated 12 years girls.
Blowing out the candles will turn into a cheerful scene, while buying special candles, which can blow out. Laugh this will all.
Let the children themselves make and edit on the computer clip, in which to sing. Girls like to inflate your hair to resemble real stars of the scene.
For the youth festival too. They are clear in advance of a short film, which will consist of cuts Amateur video. Come up with original comments and add them to the plot. Guests saw themselves in comical situations, will certainly having fun.
Consider active competitions to enable children to move. Put into a hat, written assignments (dance, parody, etc.). Pulled Fant, focused on the task.
Game forfeits
Prepare for the contest "guess" tape, paper and pencils for all participants. Let everyone write the name of the character and paste on the forehead to the neighbor. Only see other people's decals, your – no. Now each in turn asks questions about your character. The first who guessed it won.
Birthday will be fun and memorable.
Use modern technology for the development of cultural programs.
Useful advice
If the birthday teen was presented with the game "Mafia", then offer to play it or in a mini-Twister, where to step on the circles of the desired color it is necessary not hands and feet, and fingertips.

Advice 4 : What baby contests you can come up with for his birthday

Children's birthday party – an excellent opportunity to demonstrate ingenuity and organizational skills. You can, of course, to hire professional animators, but your child is much more like a holiday made by the parents.
What baby contests you can come up with for his birthday
Contests and games for children should be chosen based on the age of the participants. And be sure to alternate active games and table that children are not overtired.

Games for children 2 – 3 years

Children of this age are not yet ready for competitive contests, but willing to perform different actions together.
Balloons. Great game for the start of the holiday, one of the adults throws on top of the balloons, and their children to catch and throw. Game will help to liberate the shy child.

The throwing of snowballs. Sculpt snowballs out of paper, you can also wrap them in foil. Children throw snowballs in a bowl or bucket of popcorn, the main thing is not to make a competition for who will throw.

Bubbles. Children readily catch bubbles produced by adults.

Drawing finger paints. On the floor stretches a drawing paper or a roll of Wallpaper, the children are given old clothes and finger paint, fun guaranteed, at least for an hour.

Children from 4 to 12 years

At this age children are willing to compete in agility, accuracy, wit, etc.
Daisy. Paper pre-glued Daisy petals on which are written different funny jobs. Daisy turns the job down and the children take turns off the petals, then each must perform written.

Freeze. The presenter throws up a balloon to the ceiling. While the ball is in the air, can move as soon as the ball fell, everyone must freeze. The one who first moved out of the game and the competition continues, the ball is tossed again.

Sharpshooter. To the wall with tape stick balloons. Inside each ball small prize (candy, keychain). Children stand at a distance of 3 meters from the wall. Each child is given three Darts, so he could earn prizes.

Crocodile. The children are divided into 2 teams. Each team in turn selects the member who the other team whispers the word says. The child chosen should gesture to show the word to his team so they guessed.

Swamp. Participants again divided into two teams. Each issued 2 sheets of paper. Children one should go "swamp" getting down on one sheet, put another. Go to the second sheet, and left behind once again put in front of you, etc. If a child accidentally stepped past the sheet returns to the beginning of "the swamp." The winner is the team whose all participants will pass before the other side.
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