For this contest you will need apples and a bowl of water. Several participants face the center of the room. They tied my hands behind my back, asked to kneel down and try to catch the apples from the basin mouth. Wins the one who first will be able to do it.
Like chicken scratch

The participants think of the phrase, it doesn't need to hear the rest. Hand them the markers and asked to write the phrase legs. Guests will be required to read and evaluate one of the participants wrote clearer.
Guess the voice

The competition must involve a fairly large number of people. The participants stand in a circle, and put one in the center and tie his eyes. Each in turn says a word or phrase, and sitting in the center of the circle have to guess who owns the voice.
If guesses, he becomes a participant, and the one who uttered the phrase, sits in his place. Voices can be changed,so it will be interesting.

For the competition needs a couple consisting of a boy and a girl. They sit on chairs, backs facing one another. The pair is blindfolded and the chairs put under the rope. Participants are blindfolded must find the ends of the rope and to pull on them.

For the contest you will need an even number of people, all must split into two teams. When an odd number of people someone can become a lead. Each team receives a stack of paper. At a distance of twenty meters from the commands sets the basket. Each participant must crumple a sheet of paper so it was like a snowball, and throw it in the trash. After throwing the party takes place at the end of the line, gives way to the next player. The winner is the team which scored the greater number of snowballs into the basket.
Candles and apples

To the competition, you need to call two people who will serve him the main characters. They sit on opposite sides of a small table and lit the candle. Put them on the table. Next, the players handed the apples, they should eat while burn the candle or faster. The point is that every player should obstruct an opponent that is trying to blow out a candle, but at the same time your Apple and see to it that his candle was burning, constantly burning it. The one who will eat the Apple, will be the winner.

It often happens that the guest is difficult to think of a greeting, so the contest may be more useful. Participants must come up with a birthday greeting to each next letter of the alphabet. First, of course, will be the letter "a".
Find me a gift

This contest is important to the birthday. For it will take you ten notes, each of which will be written, where is the next one. And only the last it will be possible to know where the gift. The main advantages of this competition: it is dynamic, and the owner-driver in the finals receives a gift. The inscription in the notes should be as interesting, and the hint is encrypted.
Dancing on the newspaper

For the contest you will need newspaper and several pairs. Unfold the newspaper on the floor and include a fun music. Young couples must dance on the newspaper spread out until, until the end of the song. However, they must not step over the edge. Otherwise, the pair is eliminated. After some time the newspaper will not absorb liquid and will decrease several times, which makes the process more interesting and more fun.
Put another

For competition you need an even number of participants and one facilitator. Participants are divided into two equal groups. Players from the first group is blindfolded and handed a package with various items of clothing, and the rest are seated on chairs. The task blindfolded - dress sitting players. Every player on the chair is assigned one "clothing". Guests at the end must evaluate, who dressed as.