To meet the hero of the day you need unusual, that he immediately received a charge of positive emotions and the celebration was on a positive wave.
Can I borrow a scenario from Hollywood movies. To greeting failed pre-agreed with the guests. You need to organize the silence, when the hero of the day, and present is no need to give away their location.
Then give everyone firecrackers, confetti, caps and sparklers. Call him to see when he comes. Five minutes before the arrival gather at the entrance and extinguish the light. When the birthday boy opens the door and enter, turn on the light and start to congratulate the newcomer. The more noise you create, the better for the celebrant to remember your meeting.
If the American tradition you are not close, consult the Russian past. In old times honored guests were met with bread and salt.
To arrange such a meeting you will need old Russian costumes, kokoshnik, a loaf and a welcome ditties. Look for options in the Internet or think of the refrains themselves.
When the celebrant enters, bow and offer him "bread and salt". Also traditionally the birthday boy has to drink the Cup with hot drink.
Even jubilee can be found dedicated to him a song, which is better to compose yourself. Take a popular tune and come up with suitable words. Ask all guests to learn the lyrics or just remember the chorus. When the celebrant enters, turn on the music and the choir sing the piece.
Also for the coming of the celebrant to prepare a wallnewspaper, devoted to his life. Attach it in a conspicuous place and decorate it with balloons and tinsel.
To meet the hero of the day was a success, don't forget about the main thing. Not so important, what are the words in the song and smoothly whether invented by the greeting. The point is that all the congratulations have been uttered from a pure heart, and this necessarily give them a piece of my soul.