To give money to the man in the case, but you need to take into account the fact that the man was Smoking. The money put tubes instead of cigars, and the cigar case Packed in gift wrap.
For a gift for a woman you can use the box for jewelry: a bracelet or a necklace. If the box is narrow enough, take the thin ribbon tying her give notes and carefully place in it. For these purposes, you can use a small chest or casket.
To give money, fun, place every note in a balloon, inflate it and gave as a humorous gift. This method is very appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.
Money can be present at once in the Bank, but this method is more suitable for children's parties. In this case, the child will be happy and the gift and its contents. Piggy Bank with money you can give to newlyweds, as a contribution to future family life.
A man who loves to spend money, you can give them in a frame under glass. In this case, the amount of money placed in a photo frame, so that the value of the notes was visible and if desired they can be hung on the wall.
The original monetary gift can be placed in a bottle with alcohol. This money is placed in a sealed plastic bag, tightly bind the thread and drop in a bottle of alcohol. This gift will surprise the man.
For women will be a pleasant surprise to receive a gift money tree. To do this, purchased a small flowering shrub in a pot. Perfect bonsai and ficus. Bills carefully attached to the branches and the trunk thin thread. The more cuts, the more original and more elaborate crown cash gift.
To give money and at the same time to play the recipient can print fake banknotes. They need to put in a suitcase or briefcase in rows to create the illusion of a large sum of money. On top of the printed notes to put real and present as a gift – drawing. Do not forget to tell the recipient that not all bills are counterfeit.
To give a monetary amount in the package made according to the principle of nesting dolls, where one box less than the previous one. These boxes will need at least 6, to the recipient as long as possible unpacked and get to the cherished gift. To create difficulty in unpacking, every box can be tied with tape.