Forty-five life is just beginning

Indeed, 45 years is a blossoming woman. At this age she's beautiful, takes care of himself and attracts the attention of men. So, mother on his forty-fifth birthday will be happy high-quality cosmetics for a good mascara, expensive the wrinkle cream, lipstick favorite producer.
Bottle of branded spirits is also a great idea for a gift.

Universal gift was and still is a piece of jewelry. To coincide with the anniversary, such a gift will warm your soul for years and remind your mom about the most loved – her family and children.

Give affection and comfort

Not to forget, how your favorite mother is tired at work and how many cases she has to perform daily chores. Might be a good idea for a gift will be a beautiful Bathrobe complete with a set of bath towels and Slippers, and a massaging foot bath.
Perhaps she'd like a gift certificate for a relaxing massage.

Think about her hobby. Maybe your mom enjoys crafts. In this case, she really would be happy with a new sewing machine or serger, set of spokes and a hook or any other sewing and knitting accessories.

Give mom time for yourself

After agreeing the time with the hero of the occasion, you can give mom and dad a trip to the sea or an excursion in the Botanical garden. Perhaps she is pleased to be the tickets to the concert of your favorite artist, the Philharmonic or the theatre, passes to the Spa. In General, you need to try to remember what she had long dreamed of, but never found the time nor money.

Let your mom will be the most fashionable

You can go very simple way, following the assertion that all women love beautiful clothes. In this case, it is best to go with mom shopping, ask her to try on her favourite thing, and then to return to the store and buy it. So you will not regret it, not only with size but also with style. Or, you can give mom a gift certificate for a good amount of the best clothing stores.

It is not necessary to give

Not the best gift for an anniversary, your mother will be home appliances, crockery and kitchenware. Better to look for a gift that will be exclusively for her and not for all family members.

When choosing a gift, remember that anniversaries do not occur often, and my mother the dearest person in the world. Therefore, to Supplement your gift, just need a bouquet of her favorite flowers.