For the raffle at the birthday party you need to prepare in advance. First, you need to make tickets that can be printed on the printer. Well, if the color printer, then the ticket will be bright and colorful. Second, once it's a lottery, there must also be prizes. And they should be, of course, varied and funny. To conduct the lottery at any time celebration.

As giving away tickets to the lottery

Lottery tickets can be distributed to guests upon entrance to the house. But it could be another option. For example, guests are offered a ticket to buy. And its price is, how old the honoree. On the ticket date, or otherwise associated with the events in the life of the birthday and the guests who bought tickets have to guess. Who guessed right gets the coveted prize.

An interesting solution is to pre-glue the tickets to the bottom of the chair, which will accommodate your guests. For distribution of tickets is possible to pick up a beautiful bag or colorful box.

On each lottery ticket needs to be written the number which will be issued the prize.

How to conduct the lottery

Fun lottery can be held in the following way. Master pulls out of the bag or box pieces of paper with numbers. All guests now have tickets. On each ticket was written the prize which will be given to the holder of the same number. Will be interesting if the prize sounds a little poem, enough even just two lines. In the poem should describe a specific prize. Here is a sample list of couplets and prizes to them:

Good that you played,
get two Ferrari. (two small cars)

Prepare dinner for five
you will help this grater.

Better than any cloth
these room Slippers.

That the house was all right,
get you gloves. (rubber gloves)

Not to cut you sausage into pieces,
if you have no chopping Board.

Below the house ran a girlfriend,
get coffee mugs.

I want to be strong like gin,
get friend vitamin. (carrot)

You now will not disappear,
hungry you will not go away. (spoon)

Why have you my purse?
Put the money in the bag. (package)

How to make ends meet,
you will understand yourself now. (scissors)

So that I can write where again left pay,
can you use this pen.

For baby-age
wonderful nipple.

In the company of gentlemen and ladies
will you nail programs. (nail)

To fix it,
I will give you a comb. (male)

Such funny rhymes you can come up with very much. Your goal is to make the occasion fun and memorable for years to come.