As mentioned above, in recent years, the holidays for scenario becomes more. This is not surprising because in this case the event turns out much more organized and, therefore, memorable. To conduct birthday, you can invite an animator organising everything properly, you will only need to decorate the room, which will host the festival, to think of outfits for guests, perhaps to write invitation stating that the dress should match certain conditions.

Of course, it is not necessary to set any strict limits for the outfits, however, advise invitees, for example, to buy a striped vest or a matching headpiece. Do not be lazy to prepare some clothes in a Maritime style for those occasions, if someone of the invited will not come "dressed up". So how to hire an animator currently is not cheap, you are unable to take responsibility for the event, but be prepared that this is not so simple. To start, buy or sew myself a suit. It is best to choose the option of "captain" or "pirate".

Script birthday in nautical style

All children love to solve various puzzles and riddles, and events take intellectual riddles. Of course, no need to invite the children to guess riddles and find answers to questions, for starters come up with some kind of introduction. For example, in the Preface to say that after solving all tasks, you will be able to find the treasure chest, to save the beautiful Princess from the hands of evildoers, be free from invaders great Kingdom, etc. After the introduction invite the children to cope with the first task-puzzle, then second, third.... The pre-arrange tasks in sequence, to each of them come up with their Preface, fold them in such a way to make a logical storyline that is understandable to children.

In the preparation of puzzles and riddles must keep in mind the age of the invited kids will be interested too to solve simple tasks, but guessing overly complicated puzzles will not cause them delight. So the children were more interesting, divide them into two teams. As a prize use, for example, a chest with chocolate coins. After the game, divide the sweets between all participants.

How to decorate a room for a children's party in a marine style

The decoration of the room, where will be held the day of birth is one of the most complex activities. After all, here you need to consider every detail, to try to give the room the corresponding marine atmosphere. Try when decorating a space to withstand the blue and white color palette. If your family grandfather - an avid fisherman, ask him, maybe he'll give you an old junk network. In this case, you will be able to paint it the usual blue and decorate it with one of the walls of the room. Can of colored paper to make all kinds of sea inhabitants, for example, shells, fishes, crabs, and then hang them on the curtain wall. Make an anchor and nautical wheel from scrap materials, place anywhere in the room. Get a lot of blue and white balloons, inflate them with helium and leave the thread.

As for the design of the holiday table, the options here are numerous. Can the basis to take only cake and tea, in addition to place on the table of sweets, cakes, fruit. And you can make a full table with various salads, hot dishes and original snacks.