Advice 1: How original congratulate a colleague

A colleague's birthday or some important event. Congratulate him not just on duty a card, a bouquet of flowers and some useless souvenir, but find an original way that will be remembered for a long time.
How original congratulate a colleague
If your colleagues in a separate study, it is possible for it to be a surprise there. However, it is necessary to know the exact time of arrival of the employee at work, to prepare everything.
Inflate huge number of colorful balloons and scatter across the room.
Make a poster with congratulations and hang so that it was evident from the doorway. Write on the poster kind words or a poem. Better if congratulation will be written by the team and not copied from the Internet.
If you are going to congratulate a woman buy a huge bouquet of flowers without registration and put in a bucket with a beautiful design (in a vase this bouquet should not be placed).
You can take the roses, daisies or other flowers on long stalks. For men buy the gift of good alcohol, cigars or any other item that he likes. Flowers or a gift to put on your desktop a celebrant.
For a few minutes before this person turn off all equipment and lights. Create the illusion that the office is unoccupied. Hide in a decorated office. When the hero of the occasion it will go and turn on the lights, in unison to congratulate him.
If colleague anniversary or holiday caught on a business trip, you went with him, it is also possible to congratulate. Make a small poster or a poster with good verses or words of congratulations.
In the morning, while a colleague is still sleeping, hang it above the bed so that a colleague saw your greeting as soon as I open my eyes. Then say kind words and give a gift.
An original way to congratulate your favorite surgeon, who has repeatedly come to the rescue in a difficult moment, has come up with one team of climbers. They are organized in the mountains a picnic, set up tents, set the table with your favorite dishes doctor.
Lured unsuspecting surgeon into the mountains under the pretext that one of the climbers broke his leg and needs medical help. And when the birthday boy arrived to treat the patient, came to the feast in his honor.
This original corporate came in handy. Surgeon a few weeks working seven days a week, extremely tired, and picnic on fresh air was, for him, the best way to relax from work.
Something similar can be arranged for a person of any profession. Most importantly, choose a place and time suitable for the honoree.

Advice 2 : How to congratulate with happy birthday colleague

To congratulate the person on the day of birth is always a pleasure. In many companies it is customary to congratulate the staff on holidays. If you know a colleague, to figure out what to give, will be easy. But if you or he work for a company recently, you will have to break down.
How to congratulate with happy birthday colleague
A gift to a colleague is a sign of respect and attention. Despite the fact that the day of birth - this is not a corporate holiday gift should be aged, but healthy and pleasant.If the colleague you are working for a long time and know about his Hobbies, give him a useful thing for fishing (if he is an avid fisherman), a set of elements for the model railroad (if he is interested in modeling), a guest visit to a prestigious fitness club (if he can not imagine life without sport), certificate to buy cosmetics (if a colleague always comes to work with perfect makeup).
If you know a colleague, but don't encounter often on business issues, congratulations with the day of birth is attention, not associated with intimate relationships.A good gift for a colleague of a business accessory is a comfortable grip, a good notebook or diary - in short, something that will be useful in work.
If you have a colleague a good relationship, you communicate quite closely on business issues, but do not know enough about his Hobbies, give something that will surely enjoy.A set of Darts, table hockey, fun holder for papers or stationery set for office, decorated in an unconventional way, will be a great choice!
After you decided what to give, you need to think about how to present a gift.You can just pass it from hands with warm wishes, you can come into work a little early and leave the gift on the table, and can decorate the office with balloons and ask them to attach them to the MMS - so the day of birth to remember.

Advice 3 : How original congratulate a colleague on the anniversary

The anniversary is an important event, so I want to make for the honoree it was filled with only bright and joyful impressions. To congratulate a fellow person with whom you spend together, five days a week, this holiday is a must.
How original congratulate a colleague on the anniversary
You will need
  • - the drawing paper;
  • - colors.
  • balloons;
  • - flowers;
  • - a bottle of cognac;
  • - a gift.
Make an effort and come to the office half an hour earlier. This gives you enough time to decorate the office. On a large piece of drawing paper write "happy anniversary!" and hang a banner on the desktop of the guest of honor. Balloons will also help to create a festive mood.
If your team has the habit during work listening to the radio, order a musical greeting to the employee in festive gear. It's gonna feel good coming to work and catching your favorite wave, to hear your warm words in its address. Fans of cheerful greetings can order a song and a joke.
Fellow ladies for an anniversary should give a bouquet of flowers – there is almost no restrictions. To select bouquet for men harder. Traditionally it is customary to give carnations, Calla lilies, gladioli, chrysanthemums, roses. Original floral composition for men can include a bottle of brandy. For sure your colleague will appreciate this addition.
The most important part of any birthday is the gifts. Well, if your colleague has a hobby. Avid fisherman can give a Wobbler, a skilled the embroiderer is a beautiful stitch pattern. If you have no ideas about the gift, call jubilee home, for sure his relatives will be able to help you. Also popular and humorous gifts – mugs with a caricature of the employee t-shirts with funny inscriptions indicating the profession of the birthday boy.
Of course, you can meet at lunch the whole team and eat birthday cake, congratulating the birthday anniversary. However, if you want to arrange a real holiday, you better come up with something more interesting. In summer you can organize a trip to a barbecue with the whole team, in the cold season, you are ready to accept the many cafes and restaurants. If all your team are young at heart, you can combine a festive table with active rest. Go karting or playing paintball. And don't forget in the battle to give him, because he has a holiday today.
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